The Tiger Safari, Sawai Madhopur Ranthambhore

tiger safari fashionHiya Everyone

After 3 unsuccessful safaris, we finally spotted the tiger on our 4th one. The first view of the tigress was the scariest. It was sitting under the tree. We were seeing the tigress sitting facing us with its scary massive face and it felt as if she was ready to pounce on us any moment. We had a very experienced guide and a driver with us. They took some wise decisions about where the tigeress would make its move. We were the only jeep waiting on top of the hill waiting for the tigress to come. It came… almost 2 feet away from us. When the tigress moved, the peacocks started making calls, the chitals stood in the alert postion, the monkeys screamed and scratched their heads and the bambis ran for their lives. The tigeress gracefully and royally moved across the forest, marked its territory and everyone just watched her quietly.

At one time the tigress stood a few feet away from us and gave us that look. *pee-in-the-pants* 😛

We were mentally exhausted after what we saw. We were stunned after our experience. It was one of the greatest experiences we have had in our lives. Not sure if we’d re-live it but this one stays in our hearts for life time. 🙂

Only a few more pics to share from this beautiful trip of ours. Will share them soon. 🙂


tiger safari clothes

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outhouse necklace

safari outfit

Early morning somewhere high on top of the mountain in the midst of the jungle
Waiting for the tiger
Party!! : )
Tigresses!! loll !
The elephants saluting us at the Vanyavilas
Beautiful nature inpired scarves by Dhonk

And the royalty moves!






Our favourite tea spot at the Vanyavilas
Loved sipping drinks in their reading room
Chilled out here for hours after a successful safari

And here’s the video I recorded.


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