Time You Enjoyed Wasting Was Not Wasted


Hi Everyone, 🙂
How have you all been? 🙂 Sanjeev and I are enjoying the slow Parisian life here in Paris and honestly, we could not ask for more. This is probably my most favourite trip to Paris so far. I think the reason we are taking everything so slow I am noticing more and more of this city. The people, the stunning architecture, the Parisian cafes, and just about everything is so inspiring for me this time around. I am overwhelmed with the whole vibe Sanjeev and I have for this trip. It’s slow, calm, and extremely inspiring. There is so much I want to do, change, create and be thankful for. I am finding it hard to put in words. May be it’s the city or may be it’s the process of growing up, I know that I am probably in an amazing phase of my life and every bit of grateful for it. It’s a little rant I wanted to write, not sure what you guys would make of it. But that’s Faux Pas for me. It’s where I pour my heart out. 🙂

I picked up my first Celine RTW pieces and from here on, I only want to have a wardrobe full of clothes from the brand. 🙂  I might just bore you by restyling both the trench and massively oversized-cuffs shirt again and again. 🙂  Have a fab week ahead all of you. 🙂 I’d share more pics very very soon. Stay tuned. Looooads of love! Mwaaaahh!! 












always looking forward to sitting at these Parisian cafes! :)
always looking forward to sitting at these Parisian cafes! 🙂
the empty afternoon streets!
the empty afternoon streets!
for your home!
for your home!
lovers! :)
lovers! 🙂

Dress, Shirt : Celine (FW 2016)
Shoes, Coat : Cos
Sunglasses : Fendi

Second Outfit : Everything Cos. Bag : Chanel

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