Twenties Girl

twenties girl

We came back home yesterday. I, especially, was still having my bit of holiday hangover the whole day yesterday. It was good to be home but I was missing what we have enjoyed in these past few days. Sanjeev and I already want to discover more places in Rajasthan, especially Udaipur and Jaipur. Keeping fingers crossed. 🙂

I finished reading the’ Twenties Girl ‘ a few days back. Honestly, midway I was going to drop the idea of reading it. It is a story about Lara Lington, who is being haunted by her great aunt Sadie. You may read the full summary HERE . The book was just not sinking in me but as Sadie’s character started building up, I started enjoying the book. I loved Sadie’s fun and fashion-conscious side. I so wish someone makes a movie on this book. It would be a total pleasure to watch the glorious 20s fashion all over again. Sadie’s love story was cute but a bit idealistic for me. Lara’s character was also nice. It picked up later on. 🙂

Overall, I’d say it was a nice and light read. Give it a go once. It could be a good weekend read. 🙂

How is the weekend coming along?  I was planning to watch ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ but right before I was about to book the tickets Sanjeev asked me to check the review. So I checked. Grrr. bad decision. Rarely anyone has written anything good about the movie. Has anyone of you watched it?

Sharing some fantastic shots of Umaid Bhawan that Sanjeev clicked on our last day of our stay there. 🙂

umaid bhawan photos

umaid bhawan taj hotel

umaid bhawan taj hotels

the lush green grass
We trailed this peacock for an hour on our last day of the stay wondering if it would dance again. I didn't *sob* . It gave us a nice shot though. gee

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