Udaipur Instagram Diaries

I clicked a ton of pictures through my phone . Some I shared on instagram and some I didn’t. So sharing a lot of moments from our trip last week. :))

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jet connect plane looks like a toy plane :P; the entrance at the lake palace; I click you, you click me :P; first view of the floating beauty.

Image (9)

Jag Mahal at night, cheers, changed nail paint while catching the view of the lake, indulged!

Image (4)

lounging with Richa, taking a twist, our driver Brij Ji very stylishly dressed in Jodhpuris, tourists at the monsoon palace

Image (5)

dosa with a twist, orange muffin, tried playing chess with a master and lost the game… obviously 😛 , a beautiful carved elephant adding to the glory of Taj Lake Palace lobby.

Image (3)

trying to stand stable at a super height of the monsoon palace, a gracious gift by Maharana to the people of Mewar, artists at work at an art gallery we visited, the romantic boat rides.

Image (10)

one of the many fresh flower decorations at the palace, evening tea, after the tip, snacks during the Rajasthani dance.

Image (7)

a gorgeous mirror work painting, sigh! the beauty, I love clicking doors, Jiva spa

Image (6)

The beautiful Udayvilas. 
Image (8)

Us :), my poha!! :D, idlis made to perfection, keema paranthas and lal mas were the fav things on the menu.



the stunning lily pond, just reached, playing with the water, crystals around my neck.

Image (2)

a beautiful stone urli, dinner table, view from the room, arm candy on the way back

Image (1)best ginger ale, the last lunch, refreshments, good bye! 🙂


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