English Vinglish

vintage pearls

Sanjeev and I watched ‘English Vinglish’ yesterday and both of us loved the movie. It was such a lovely comeback for Sridevi. The movie really touched hearts. Kudos to the director who extracted the best out of everyone. :)) And awww!! Sridevi’s character reminded me of my mom. I feel moms are a different breed in themselves. I don’t know where they get such tremendous amount of patience and compassion from. I think everyone should watch the movie.

I had a lovely evening with my Mr. McDreamy ^-^ yesterday. We had a super quick dinner, spent time at bookshops, chit chatted over a cup of coffee, and watched the movie. Btw strangely DT Cinemas had no poster of ‘English Vinglish’ even though they were still running the house-full show. Not that I cared but they totally ruined my ‘instagram‘ moment. 😛

A cute incident happened last evening. A magazine editor recognized me at the mall yesterday, and offered me ‘on-the-spot’ job. In past 6 years of entrepreneurship, no one has offered me a job. I was soo geeing through out the evening. 😀

How is the week coming along for you guys? 🙂

Good luck and Hugs to those who would be taking CAT this year. It starts! 🙂

vintage street style

promod green satchel

black white vintage midi dress

Oh btw! Accessorize has the most elaborate and blingiest mirror I have ever come across. 😛 I loved it. 😀

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Dress: Pearls : Vintage
Bangles : Random
Watch : Emporio Armani
Loafers : Zara
Bag : Promod

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