Vivanta By Taj Coorg , Madikeri

vivanta by taj coorg
The first view of Vivanta Coorg

Hiya Everyone. 🙂

A few days back I asked for suggestions for travel places in India on my FB page. I got a lot of options and Coorg was one of them. I don’t know what clicked but I started searching for Coorg and hotels in Coorg. Since Sanjeev and I have been a fan of Taj properties in past, we discovered that Vivanta has opened its new property a few months back here. We were decided. Coorg it was. 😀

Our trip started on a very patchy note today. While stepping out the strap of my vanity bag came off. Very small glitch . But the worst happened at the airport. A policewoman mishandled my Cavali bag and broke the chain. 🙁 I got super upset. Somehow we fixed the chain. Then we got to know that the Air India flight would go via Chennai. So rather than a 2 1/2 hour flight , it would be around 4 hour flight. No prior info was given on that front. Anyway, so it were to be a 6 hour drive to the Taj property but it took around 8. 😛 I had totally made up my mind that this trip would be super choppy.

And then we stepped into Vivanta by Taj, Coorg. And Everything changed. The gorgeous lobby, the endless view of the property and the awesome staff. The best was yet to come. We stepped into our private Pool Villa. I guess I won’t say much now. Please go through the pics. This is just Day 1 or let’s say just the evening. Wait for a lot to feature in coming days. I can’t wait to see the morning from our lavish private balcony. This place is a dream come true. 🙂

Oh! our dinner was unquestionably good. 🙂

vivanta by taj coorg photos
The gorgeous lobby. On the right is the open area with an stunning view of the rain forest.
vivanta by taj coorg
lobby again

vivanta by taj coorg pool villa

Welcome to our villa : )
taj coorg property
the first view
Too good to be true swimming pool inside our villa. Right across are the glass panes. Can’t wait to see my morning through these.
Right across the pool is living cum dining area
The living area
Dining area. I requested the hotel to keep some fruits for me in the room and they have kept a basket full of them.
The bedroom. There are 3 little garden kind of areas also made in the room. Everything in and around the property is tried to done in an eco friendly way.
The bathroom. Found my fav Forest Essentials products stocked here.
take a look! : )
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