Vogue India Fashion Night Out

Vogue india fashion night out

Sanjeev and I went to Vogue India’s ‘fashion Night out’ last night. It was fun but when I see the pics of events happening at international night outs, I feel India has a long way to go. However, it was quite awesome so see such fashionable people gathering all at one place. I mean you don’t get to see such gorgeous hues, textures and styling all at one go that often. DLF Emporio looked like an ongoing fashion ramp. Nice!

I didn’t shop anything because I sort of like to have my own peace when I do my luxury shopping. But I noticed that Roberto Cavalli store has finally opened their store. I am planning to make a visit there soon. 🙂

We checked out a few stores, strolled around for a while, picked up our coffees and came back.

I think we should have more such night outs. 🙂

My Saturday has been working only but still relaxed. I paid a little attention to my home today- cleaning wise.  Mr. Husband has got some beer home so I would just be chilling out with him. 😀

Even though Sunday is not an off for me, I am always looking forward to it. Sunday is holiday in my head – ALWAYS. 😛

What plans for Sunday? Any plans for tonight? 😀 

vogue india fno

Zara Loafers 2012
Both of us went the loafers way : D



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