A Walk to Remember

a walk to remember

Happy Weekend Everyone. 🙂

I have recently been hearing people falling sick around me and have been wishing everyone ‘Good health’. Finally I am also down with fever since yesterday. 😛

I have been eating, sleeping, and reading since then. Bliss! 😀

I wanted to read and watch ‘A Walk to Remember.’ I have never been able to find it at the stores. It was out of stock on Flipkart as well the last time I checked. This time I got lucky. The bookshop at DT was left with this last book in their stock. Ha! Finally! 🙂

Needless to say I read this book in one sitting and looooovveeeeeddddd it. You may read the summary of the book HERE. It’s a typical Nicholas Spark Book. It has the same warmth and feel as The Notebook had.

I mean apart form the most adorable love story the book carries, it also teaches you to be humble and thankful for all you have. It’s such a heart-warming book. It makes you smile and it makes you cry. It’s just a sweet little book that everyone must read. 🙂

Have you read it?

a walk to remember book

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