Singapore 2019 (Part 2)

let’s start with some kisses!

Hi Guys,

Sharing pics from last two days of our Stay in Singapore. We went to Universal Studios. Sanjeev and I have been to Singapore before as well but we did not go to Universal Studios. Guess we had to go with Sia.It was such a lovely day. She was a bit more relaxed and enjoyed a lot of time in her stroller.
The last day we went to Marina Bay Sands and just spent a long lovely day there only. Hope you enjoy checking out the photos. Until next time! 🙂
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Singapore 2019 – Welcome Sia! :)

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Hope you all are doing well. I am uploading here after almost 2 years and it’s funny how life has changed but all for good. 🙂 We got little Sia on Faux Pas.. I would have never imagined. 🙂

It was Sia’s first birthday so we decided to travel to Singapore. Mostly because it was close and we had no travel experience with Sia before so it was a test travel. 😛 And it turned out to be absolutely great. She was great during the flight but when we reached here she was quite scared. It was understandable. She wouldn’t leave me for a minute so I had to carry her around. But as the days went by, she got more comfortable and started sitting in her stroller more. We took a little slow, caught up on our sleep and mostly finished our shopping in first two days and the third day we decided to go to the Singapore Zoo. It was great! : ) I would make a little video on all things that helped us while travelling with a small baby. Tell then enjoy the pictures. Will share one more post in a day or a two. : ) Continue reading

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So Happy to be Alive! : )

Hi Everyone, 🙂
These photos are from last two days in Paris. It was super rainy one day and nicely sunny the next day. I picked up this gorgeous sunshine yellow jumpsuit from Mango and thought I’d never get to wear it because of the rain. But then the skies tuned blue and the sun was out. 🙂 It was a long day of shopping. I remember the day – Sanjeev and I started early, shopped, stopped for drinks and lunch, took a long walk on streets, went back to the hotel, packed and left for the airport. You know how some trips are so satisfying that by the end of them you know that it’s time to go home. This one for us. It was suchhhhh a good trip – both Croatia and Paris. We came back happy, content and full of inspiration this time around. Can’t wait to show you where we go next. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us. I am so happy to be alive! 🙂 Until next time. Mwaaaahhhhh!!  Continue reading

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Paris 2017

Hi Everyone, 🙂

I always wanted to do a photoshoot on my Parisian Balcony. 🙂 Well, this time we did. 🙂 Plus after some lazy dressing during our holiday, I just wanted to totally glam up. We stayed at Park Hyatt Vendome this time around. I would highly recommend the hotel to you. It’s in gorgeous location near Vendome Place and overall the rooms and food etc were really good. We did find it more expensive than any other hotel we have stayed in Paris though. This was our 7th time in Paris and well, we just don’t get enough of it. It was raining that day so I had to hop in and out of the room during the photos. 😛 But you know these are the little memories I collect on FauxPas and share it with you all. 🙂 I hope you like it. I have onemore little post from Paris scheduled in a day or a two. Till them, loooaddss of love to you all. :-*  Continue reading

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How to Plan a Trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hi Everyone, 🙂
Here’s the final post from Croatia. Sanjeev and I have added as much information regarding the trip in this post. But if you have any more questions regarding the trip, feel free to ask in comments below. 🙂

These photos are from the last two days of our stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We went to a little island called Lokram, which is pretty much a 15 minute boat ride from the old town. It was so quiet. All you could hear was the sound of crickets and little rabbits hopping around and basically chilling. It’s literally a quiet picnic spot. You could bring your food, drinks your towels etc. Come early morning, take a dip in the ocean, enjoy your meals and basically chill. We were lazy so we went there almost in the afternoon and spent some time there. Continue reading

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