So Happy to be Alive! : )

Hi Everyone, 🙂
These photos are from last two days in Paris. It was super rainy one day and nicely sunny the next day. I picked up this gorgeous sunshine yellow jumpsuit from Mango and thought I’d never get to wear it because of the rain. But then the skies tuned blue and the sun was out. 🙂 It was a long day of shopping. I remember the day – Sanjeev and I started early, shopped, stopped for drinks and lunch, took a long walk on streets, went back to the hotel, packed and left for the airport. You know how some trips are so satisfying that by the end of them you know that it’s time to go home. This one for us. It was suchhhhh a good trip – both Croatia and Paris. We came back happy, content and full of inspiration this time around. Can’t wait to show you where we go next. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us. I am so happy to be alive! 🙂 Until next time. Mwaaaahhhhh!! 

tried the classic french toast for the first time.. seriously. took me only 7 trips to do that. : P
everyday walks
best kind of rides
the lamps!
these squares in Paris tho! (vendome square)
will never stop taking touristy photos
details love!
always picked a drink spot infront of this this time around!
i read menu so carefully and order the same thing every time. : D
humungous key chains at Prada! : )
shopping time! (galeries lafayette) 
bought a bag from here : )
always the same reaction post Sephora shopping : P
super hungry meals!
until next time, Paris! : )

Outfit Details :
Jumpsuit – Mango
Neckpiece : Payal Khandwala
Bag : Chanel
Sunglasses : Rayban
Shoes : Zara

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