Singapore 2019 – Welcome Sia! :)

Hi Everyone, πŸ™‚

Hope you all are doing well. I am uploading here after almost 2 years and it’s funny how life has changed but all for good. πŸ™‚ We got little Sia on Faux Pas.. I would have never imagined. πŸ™‚

It was Sia’s first birthday so we decided to travel to Singapore. Mostly because it was close and we had no travel experience with Sia before so it was a test travel. πŸ˜› And it turned out to be absolutely great. She was great during the flight but when we reached here she was quite scared. It was understandable. She wouldn’t leave me for a minute so I had to carry her around. But as the days went by, she got more comfortable and started sitting in her stroller more. We took a little slow, caught up on our sleep and mostly finished our shopping in first two days and the third day we decided to go to the Singapore Zoo. It was great! : ) I would make a little video on all things that helped us while travelling with a small baby. Tell then enjoy the pictures. Will share one more post in a day or a two. : )

we’ve reached at the airport
We magically reached Singapore.
Can I have an avocado please?
hungry but refused to eat anything
Learning how to apply lipstick
let’s go let’s go
makeup shopping is so much fun
also made new friends
crossed these pretty lanes
took a morning dip with dad
my mom shops so much makeup- took me back to the same place.. 😐
i got tired!
some bubble tea please!
color stories from front…
bum chicks!
it’s my happy birthday today!
and we are going to the zoo!
sooo excitinnnggggg!
after 2 days I decided  that sitting in a buggy was more comfortable! 
they scared me : (
back to mom!
also saw the sea lion !!
I wanted to touch the elephants!
look birds!
saw the white tiger!
where are my parents ! :\
evening street scenes at orchard road
the coolest Victoria’s Secret store
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24 Responses to Singapore 2019 – Welcome Sia! :)

  1. Vinny says:

    Welcome to Faux-pas, Sia!
    May you see the world and experience all the places in the same happy and loving way as you do today. Stay curious always!

  2. Renji Anooj says:

    Welcome to Faux Pas Sia lil miracle β™₯️ May your smile bring joy and charm in the lives of everyone who hold you in their heart….πŸ’›

  3. Madhu sanchitha says:

    Please post more pics.. I miss all these.. My stressbuster… Your baby is so cutd

  4. Alka says:

    So great to see you back here :), Sia stealing the show with her lovely smile

  5. Amrutaa says:

    Soo happy Rati 😍 super cute Sia…njoy keep coming back to faux pas…

  6. Ekta says:

    Happy to see you back on faux pas. Can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog n traveling the world with both you n Sanjeev. Now we have got little siya as well. Don’t ever stop faux pas.

  7. Palak says:

    Good to see you back here. Missed it so badly. Sia seems to be totally enjoying her first trip. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸŒΉπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
    Much love! ❀️😘😘

  8. Sana says:

    Why did I finish reading the post so fast.. πŸ™

    I want to see you more Sia baby..! 😍😍

  9. Sangeeta Ghera says:

    She has her own style of sitting in the stroller. She’s definitely.. different. Love LO! ❀️

  10. Fahmeeda says:

    Wow! So happy to see you back! Your travel stories are very inspiring on all aspects be out dressing be it on a personal way! Love the little star SIA and a very happy birthday to your little angel..!

  11. Shona says:

    Welcome lovely πŸ‘ͺ family again in fauxpas, specially sia she is enjoying her first trip a lot i guess. Stay blessed and healthy.

  12. Urja Malhotra says:

    Dude look at that pony. Such an adorable baby you have Rati. Happy Birthday to Sia, wishing her loads of happiness and love . Stay blessed. Beautiful pics 😍

  13. coralcrue says:

    Happy Birthday, Sia. God bless you <3

  14. Shilpa Shetty says:

    Awesome pics,.. I’m waiting to take my 1.7 month boy to holidays,.. Planning to travel to Canada this year end.

  15. Bahnisha says:

    Welcome back Rati along with Sia. This blog was so close to my heart. Great to have you back.

  16. Sarshar Khan says:

    Welcome Sia.
    So cute.

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