How to Plan a Trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hi Everyone, 🙂
Here’s the final post from Croatia. Sanjeev and I have added as much information regarding the trip in this post. But if you have any more questions regarding the trip, feel free to ask in comments below. 🙂

These photos are from the last two days of our stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We went to a little island called Lokram, which is pretty much a 15 minute boat ride from the old town. It was so quiet. All you could hear was the sound of crickets and little rabbits hopping around and basically chilling. It’s literally a quiet picnic spot. You could bring your food, drinks your towels etc. Come early morning, take a dip in the ocean, enjoy your meals and basically chill. We were lazy so we went there almost in the afternoon and spent some time there.

The next day was our flight late in the evening so we utilised the better half of the morning doing cable car ride and having an epic pizza lunch. 😛 It was an ammmzing amaazing trip. We did only Dubrovnik in Croatia because there actually is a ton to do. We did not want it to be a touch-and-go kind of a trip. But we can’t wait to go back to experience more places in Croatia some other time soon. So here’s your little travel cheat sheet to Croatia. 🙂

Where we stayed : Dubrovnik in Croatia for 4 days. We stayed at the stunning Villa Dubrovnik, which we can highly recommend. It’s literally located by the ocean. you wake up to the gorgeous views of the ocean every single morning. It is near to the old town. But they have jettys or cars going every hour for their guests. totally utilize them. The food was amazing. Don’t miss the breakfast. 😀 Also, it’s very near to the two happening beaches – Banje beach and St. Jacobs beach.

That said, many other hotels are also in the same row with the same view. So you can totally do your research and pick the one that suits your budget. But choose the one that near old town. That’s where the buzz is.

If you don’t want to travel to Dubrovnik only then your Croatia itinerary could be : Dubrovnik (4 days), Montenegro (2 days), Split (2 days). You can cover some other towns near Split also if you have time. Some of the scenes in GOT were shot in Split as well. 🙂 Remember that Montenegro is a different country from Croatia.

Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia : The Game of Thrones Tour (even if you are not a fan), the walls tour and wear *very* comfortable shoes, jet skiing is very popular there, a definite chilling at the beach, eat an ice cream at the centre of old town, drink lots of fresh juices, do kayaking at the sunset, can highly recommend Cafe Dubravka and Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant, do a little picnic at Lokram island (pack your towels with you), don’t miss the cable car ride, visit the oldest pharmacy in the world. All this can be booked at the entrance of old town. A boat goes to Lokram every half an hour and you can by the tickets there itself any time of the day. The same boat comes back as well. You’d get the schedule there only.

No need to buy tickets for the Wall Tour from the vendor. Basically ask a shopkeeper where the wall tour starts, they’d give you a direction. Buy your tickets there and then follow the route. It’s around 2 km walk. Carry a water bottle, hat and sunglasses with you.

It’s better to do a GOT Tour with a guide because you yourself would not know the locations.

Book Jet Skiing, kayaking , paragliding etc a day in advance. This way you would not miss being in a group in case it gets too full. If you are not too fit, ask for a smaller kayaking tour. Sanjeev was in real pain that night. 😛

What to pack : Honestly, don’t depend on outfits shopping from Dubrovnik, Croatia. It’s so overpriced and sometimes you won’t even find the things you really want. I was so busy with work before this trip that I barely had time to shop.We had a day of shopping in Paris but then that was not enough. So I ended up picking up stuff from the shops at Croatia but I know I could have planned better. So pack your dresses, lots of tees, 1-2 pair of shorts , sunglasses, sunscreen, and bikinis, you can pick a hat from Dubrovnik, and most importantly – shoes. Pack the most comfortable ones. I packed some sandals, Adidas slides, a pair of sneakers and that was the best decision ever. The streets are cobbled and there are a ton of stairs. It will kill your feet if you even try to wear anything you are not familiar with. If you really have to wear heels, I’d suggest pick something with a chunky heel. It’s a very laid back holiday town, keep it comfy. Evenings get very party-like and interesting, I’d say still keep things comfortable.

Expenses : It is one bloody hell of an expensive place. Not only the conversion from INR to Croatain Kuna is 10 times, the things in general are expensive. You could end up paying anything between 3000 INR to 5000 INR per meal. This trip only got to expensive because of the food and we are not even the real foodies. Sanjeev and I like to eat basic but good food. Those who do food travels, they basically are in for a good ride. 😛 You could stay in an AIR BNB, cook some of your meals at home, do a longer trip and still it would be cheaper than staying in a hotel and eating every meal out. That could be your real budget planning. But both of us stayed in London and Paris for months in Air BnB from Jan-April so we really were craving for a hotel luxury. It was amazing but I am just giving you options. 

Visa : Schengen Visa works (with multiple entries) . If you don’t have a multiple entry Schengen Visa, you would have to apply for a visa to Croatia. 

Flights : As far as I know there are no direct flights from Delhi to Croatia. So we did – Delhi – Paris – Croatia and the same back. Except we took a stop overs in Paris and spent 3 gorgeous days in Paris too. 😀 You can take connecting flights from airport to airport. 🙂

I hope whenever you go you have a fabbbulous fabuulous trip! 🙂 It is worth a visit. 🙂

always catching the view!
never say no to a carrot! It makes you cute! 
eat carrots and relax. That’s life! : P
lokrum island vibes!
lost or found?
seeing the life with this one!
beast on the ocean!
this was literally our everyday view. That’s banje beach right across
a walk in the woods!
beach bum..forever
take me home!
that look of love!
slow afternoons!
post swim!
orange flames!
setting in!
couldnt get enough of sunset photos!
skinny dipping at the sunset
met some talking parrots!
we sat by the edge that evening! both of us!
day 4
when you want your eyeliner to be seen but still can’t do without sunglasses. : P

Makeup Breakdown on IMBB HERE

let’s do the cable car! : )
we have to reach that tower up!
soo happy dappy!
embrace the glorious mess that you are! : D
old town from high on top!That’s Lokrum island right across.
what do you see?
how is this so freakin beautiful?
the walls protect this gorgeous town
going down was sh*t scary
our orange cable car
the most massive pizza we have ever had. sometimes you don’t know whether to cry or laugh at the situation… i almost died laughing. 😛 it was yumm though.
until next time Croatia!
Stay this epic always!

Outfit : Cos
Slides : Adidas Originals
Sunglasses : Dior, Tom Ford, Celine
Bikini and shorts: Bought from Croatia

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