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Started in 2009 as just a makeup blog, makeupandbeauty.com has today grown into an international makeup, beauty and fashion community. Running three powerful blogs successfully- in India, Dubai and Philippines- makeupandbeauty.com is already the biggest women’s blog on the internet with more than 700 writers writing on it. The founders- Rati and Sanjeev (read more about them HERE)- and other team members make it a very stylish, ambitious and beauty crazy team. Faux Pas is an extension of our individuality and our own private space on makeupandbeauty.com

Rati Tehri Singh (Owner and Cofounder)

Cofounder of www.totalgadha.com, Rati started www.makeupandbeauty.com to share her love for cosmetics with her other friends. Soon, many other writers found their heart in IMBB and joined Rati. Today she covers many fashion and beauty brands and works with them. Her recent addition to the blog, her fashion lookbook, is quite a hit among IMBB readers.

Sanjeev Singh (Owner and cofounder)

A mechanical engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, Sanjeev founded www.totalgadha.com along with Rati, then started TathaGat, India’s most prestigious B School test prep program with an annual turnover of 40 million, and then www.makeupandbeauty.com. Managing all his three companies successfully, Sanjeev wants to make www.makeupandbeauty.com the centre of fashion and beauty scene in India.

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