Singapore 2019 (Part 2)

let’s start with some kisses!

Hi Guys,

Sharing pics from last two days of our Stay in Singapore. We went to Universal Studios. Sanjeev and I have been to Singapore before as well but we did not go to Universal Studios. Guess we had to go with Sia.It was such a lovely day. She was a bit more relaxed and enjoyed a lot of time in her stroller.
The last day we went to Marina Bay Sands and just spent a long lovely day there only. Hope you enjoy checking out the photos. Until next time! 🙂

we went to universal studios and I was as usual hungry!
play and win
you get to take home a banana
princess palace!
let’s go and eat!
wood pecker’s home!
the castle guard!
i got a shrek baby for myself!
who wants some icecream?
tried icecream for the first time. it was yum!
look! dragons!
who is this??
Day 5!
walking in lantern wonderland!
we made friends!
showed them lanterns too!
and said good bye!
look mom! i can fly!
entering secret gardens!
lost in a flowerland!
pretty walks!
forest guard!
secret talks!
bubble tea for 3
surely to become a tea drinker : P
who let the ants out!
cloud forest!
can we go home now please?
this is the best thing ever!
i want to run!
let me squeeze you first!
learning to walk on the ocean!
Hi Dad!
Louis Vuitton Island!
evening walks by the bay!
saw ocean for the first time!
the tall tall city!
until next time!

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