The Game of Thrones Tour, Dubrovnik, Croatia

let me show you around. : D

Hi Everyone, 🙂
These are the photos from Day 2 of our trip in Dubrovnik Croatia. We did the Game of thrones Tour. We are not the real fans because we have not watched the series but still did the tour because you know..why not. 🙂 It was the most amazing day of our trip. During the first half of the day we did the tour and during the second half we did sunset kayaking. Honestly, both were magical in their own rights.The GOT Tour made us see the gorgeous locations of the old town and the prettiest hidden alleys that we might have missed out ourselves. And the second half was the sunset kayaking tour. We started at around 5pm and were sailing on the ocean, catching the waves, and just being in the middle of nowhere. There were no sounds except the sounds of the waves. We got to close to seeing the gorgeous neon crimson sun go down. Fitness wise, it was quite tasking because you are literally rowing the boat for 3 hours sometimes with the waves and sometimes against it. You may opt for a smaller tour but our whole group wanted to do the longer one. So we did and I would do it all over again. We reached the bank around 8 pm when it got a little dark and the big ships has started showing up. Finished off the day with a bunch of lovely people. Had some champagne. Headed back to the hotel and ordered in the dinner. I hope you like the photos. I have one more post from Croatia to share with you all. I would do that soon. 🙂

PS : You can book the tours at the old town or from your hotel itself.

meet our guide, nicola 🙂
The Game of thrones location -side by side comparison
some prisoner’s scene was shot here. A 5 minute scene took some 15 hours to shoot because of the water and slippery rocks at the bottom
the game of thrones location – side by side comparison
walking ahead to get my fill
he was so annoying. loll!!
the location for some prisoners scene in Game of Thrones
I was really having difficulty walking that day. So went a bit slow. : )
when GOT is not in action, kayaks like to take their own way : D
magic in the middle of blue waters
on top of the rocks or on top of the ocean. What would you prefer? 🙂
that’s across where the famous purple wedding was shot
orange hats
game of thrones location – side by side comparison : )
too picturesque
game of thrones location side by side comparison . They made the towers with CGI
waiting for Sanj to join. 🙂
Pile Gate in Dubrovnik. They literally closed the whole area to shoot..even from the top. They shotthe riot scene in The Game of Thrones Season 2.And it’s one of the busiest areas of the old town. The locals were not happy. 😛  (Rector’s palace)
game of throne location side by side comparison – ST DOMINIC STREET
a shop where the real GOT throne lies
well! being the queen on the real game of thrones throne. 😀
a lazy afternoon
views from high on top
thirsty travellers – both up and down
the magic lies inside
pick a table
let’s go ahead
the real walk of shame stairs – jesuit staircase
side by side game of thrones real locations
and this is where the walk of shame took place..all the way head. The windows on left are the real houses of people. They were paid to keep the windows shut. : D
the real location of walk of shame croatia – the game of thrones
a laidback life
this guy was chilling and stretching
some church high on top
Sharing our memories with you all. : )
this scene got filmed here : D (the exterior of littlefinger’s brothel)
was so much to click around. Every thing so so pretty.
the unknown alleys!
such cool vibes of the place
welcoming windows
rocks under the blue infinity
pretty much the end of the tour
pop art!
pink details
these little lamps
going back!
lunch scenes! almost sitting in a painting.
always the same order for Sanj : P
waiting to start kayaking
our kayaks waiting to be rowed!
was the best thing ever we did. We were on the ocean kayaking for more than 3 hours until the sunset.
soooo tired. ordered in-room dining! Until next time! : )

Postcards from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Outfit Details
Dress : Bought from Croatia
Slides : Adidas Originals
Bag : Chanel
Sunglasses : Dior

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