Coffee with a Stranger

navy street style

Hi Everyone, 🙂

My second half of the week was super exciting.

  • Started with awesome drinks and dinner night with friends.
  • Had a super exciting haircut from Rod Anker. Loving my hair so much after a really long time.
  • Had a coffee date with a stranger. Sanjeev freaked out when I told him. It was fun 😛 So I was having coffee alone and had occupied two very comfy couches at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. A lady came in and sat on seats next to me. The seats were uncomfortable. She looked uncomfortable. So I asked her to join me if she wanted to. She did. We chit chatted over our vanilla lattes on life, marriage, friends etc. Said good byes. Her name was Gayatri. Not sure if I’d meet her again. 🙂
  • And Sundays as usual are busy. For me it turned out to be very productive. I slept well last night. 🙂

So how was your weekend? 🙂

daniel wellinton watch brown


cane stripe skirt

french connection clutch

khaki street style

zara vertical stripes skirt

aldo wedge booties

Some random pics! 🙂

Image (1)

One of the best Margaritas I had at friend’s home..well we drank it in whiskey glasses. :P, clickety click before the haircut, with Rod Anker from Monsoon Salon after the haircut excitement. :P, random selfie. 😀

Zara’s winter window display, two tone shoes.. love this yellow, cute socks from F21 and guess what? they were Rs 89 each. 😀 , yummy chocolate and banana shake at American Diners.

Top, Skirt : Zara
Booties : Aldo
Clutch : FCUK
Watch : Daniel Wellington
Neckpiece : Eina Alhuwalia

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67 Responses to Coffee with a Stranger

  1. Yogita says:

    Ur looking sooooo young and refreshing…. its Monday morning 🙁 but seeing this post i am all charged up now… 🙂

  2. jilz says:

    Rati,Monday and Thursday are my favourite days.u know y..I m so mch eeeager to c ur outfits.and I get restless if u ddnt post before 10.totally addicted to fauxpas.

  3. Surbhi says:

    Ur haircut is just awesome rati di 🙂 this reminds me I need to get a haircut too 😛
    I love the dress u r wearing. U r looking extremely beautiful n love the shoes. . 🙂 ur weekend seems too exciting n fun.. I wanna have chocolate n banana shake too now. 😛
    My weekend was pretty hectic. I had to go to chandigarh for my classes. Usually v hv coachin on sat n sun but this time class was on fri too n each day it was 12 hours class. I got so tired doin up down daily. N today I just got scolded from dad that I hadnt taken my car for wash since 3 months. Now when I got it washed, I cud see the rust 🙁 😛

    • Rati says:

      you are working so hard surbhi. I am sure it would all work out well for you. :)) I have been to chandigarh so many times. And now that you mentioned about it I want to visit it again sometime soon. especially mohali. 🙂
      get a haircut. !! 🙂

      • Surbhi says:

        Thanks so much rati.. u know cz of all this I cudnt write much on imbb this year.. I knew u wud understand 🙂 bt m gonna b back next year 😛
        Chandigarh is definitely great, esp now that elante has opened there.. mohali is so peaceful 🙂

  4. saee says:

    LOVE your outfit. Very chic. I love meeting strangers. Makes my husband very uncomfortable, like Sanjeev. I am in love with that pencil skirt! Will soon raid the Zara shop in Bangalore.

    • Rati says:

      thanks saee. Hoep your foot is better now. hihihi it’s fun to make hubbys ucomfy at times. 😛

      • saee says:

        Wow you remembered! That is very sweet of you, my foot is much better now. I totally agree with making hubby’s uncomfortable once in a while 😀

  5. NehaS says:

    Hey nice to know that you had exciting week 😀 😀
    I am so bored in office and bored to work for 8-6 shift.
    i hate going to office :'( :'( sob sob
    Why cant we have WFH option daily……………

    • Rati says:

      what is WFH?? 😐

      • Sangeetha Sivaprakasam says:

        U look mind blowing after d haircut… Loved it… BTW WFH is work from home… IT guys jargon

      • amisha says:

        Rati, that’s Work From Home!!
        I WFH all the times. I stay in Kurukshetra and my office being in Bangalore.. Haven’t even visited my actual office ever.. I miss going to office, but dont’t have the opportunity 🙁

      • NehaS says:

        in our office we call work from home as WFH
        As we are given laptops, we can have wfh option sometimes 😀
        but i want it daily or can goto office like twice a week… not more than..
        god pls rescue.. let me work from my home..or give some interesting job options 🙁 🙁

  6. Ramya says:

    Sounds like a nice experience, having coffee with a stranger! 🙂 I have read somewhere that talking to strangers is good for us, its like trying new things n breaking out of comfort zone, n all! 🙂
    Rati, u look so beautiful 🙂 I loved ur hair, the shoes, the skirt n u 🙂 U look so good in the pic before the haircut, that jacket is SO cool! Have u used it in any OOTDs so far?
    Ur weekend sounds very nice. I had a quiet day in on Sat with Jane Austen’s Emma and green tea. Sunday was spent out at Orion mall here by the lake which was quite relaxing… I popped in for a look at the Zara store and fell in love with this white Faux leather Jacket there. I am so gonna pick it after the salary, if its still around that is 😛
    I couldnt see ur pics on IMBB again so commented here on behalf of both and it became sooo long! 🙂

    • Rati says:

      IMBB moves faster. What can we do? 😀 😀 Thank you and yeah white leather jacket sounds nice :))

      no havent worn that jacket as yet. Will try styling it in upcoming outfits. :))

      I havent read emma. Infact reading so less these days. Just 3-4 pages on a daily basis. but it’s okay. So far I am still in touch with reading, I am good. :))

      Have a great week ahead. 🙂

      • Ramya says:

        Hehehe I KNOW!! IMBB is super popular… I could have sworn I saw a serious super senior looking at IMBB’s page recently at work… 😉 Its addictive 😀
        Would love to see how u style it! It looks awesome. And totally forgot to say, ur new haircut looks amazing on u. 🙂 Me loooveees that yellow too!! *high-five*

  7. Gowthami says:

    Cool hairstyle 🙂 I find it chic and sexy! wow and that outfit, omg I love it to the core 🙂 Great post 🙂 <3

  8. moonisa says:

    Rati have been following your post .. almost a year now…. this blog is alwaz afresh cauz i find your style very ardent. Many OOTDs are simple yet classic. Keep up the good work !!!!

  9. NehaS says:

    Hey.. i posted one comment but it didnt seem to be there. Anyhow, again posting the same
    good to know that you had exciting week.
    even i had fun movies shopping food 😀 😀
    I hate to come to office daily, it is so boring :'( :'(
    Cant we have work from home daily…..

  10. Ankita says:

    Your haircut looks very good on you 🙂 and I loved ur top a lot 🙂 Sometimes, it can totally be refreshing to talk to an unknown person…and sometimes strangers become such good friends 🙂 I had a nice relaxed weekend…shopped a bit on saturday 🙂 but somehow this weekend got over before I realized….I so did not want to come to office today but i dragged myself 🙂

    • Rati says:

      thanks ankita. yeah it happens after you take a chutti. 😀 Have a great week ahead. 🙂

      now that you mentioned it, i agree. It was refreshing. 🙂

  11. pia says:

    hi rati… having a strange problem with imbb n faux pas viewing… the articles are opening but without pics… both on laptop n mobile!! 🙁 🙁 cant see ur outfit post or the currently loving.. nor jomols pics of the bolly actresses.. :'( :'( boohooooo… pls help!!!

  12. swathi says:

    Hi Rati,

    You look absolutely brilliant. The outfit looks great on you. Can I please know the fabric of the top you’re wearing.? It’s absolutely fantastic. I’m looking at this post for the 3rd time. The booties fit in perfectly too.

    Thanks and lots of love

  13. Love your dressing style .. and esp that clutch of yours .. I’ll look for it in Chennai FCUK ..

  14. Swatie says:

    Love the combi…Your wooden box clutch and the Eina Ahluwalia neck piece are b’ful. This new haircut suits you loads…

  15. Surbhi Sinha says:

    Hii Rati

    I saw you at coffee bean and Tea Leaf on Saturday and was super duper excited to see you but was lil shy to come meet……..Rati you look beautiful and fresh. I think its you who make outfits look good.

    Your posts are just amazing and so simple that everyone can relate to it. I must say I am so addicted to it……

  16. nidhi says:

    Hi Rati… Loved your hairstyle 🙂 Its chic :*
    And loved your skirt and shoes… 🙂 And stranger chatting …lol
    U Rock gurl … :*
    Happy week ahead 🙂

    • Rati says:

      thankooo nidhi. :-* you see you need to meet me soon so taht I dont have to chit chat with strangers. hahha!! love ya! :-*

  17. silpa says:

    Dear Rati, though i follow imbb , i never knew about this one. I was just online doing tp and stumbled up on this one…. and got me hooked. I loved reading the post 50 random facts aboout me. That was nice and had me smiling while reading. And also super duper belated birthday. Hope you have wonderful and blesses year ahead

  18. calicoaster says:

    Ratiiiiiiiiiii….. 😀 😀 I got reminded of our coffee date.. 😛 😛 I so much want to meet you now..seriously! And I am loving those shoes and your haircut….awesome!!! 😀 😀

    • Rati says:

      I know cali we need to do that again. Btw we had coffee at Barista. Now that place has coffee bean and tea leaf. :)) Thankoo :-*

    • gurpreet says:

      Hey Kimi.. how are you doing.. hows ur lil one..

      • calicoaster says:


        Sigh! Its been ages since I’ve had a nice relaxing time on a nice cup of latte at some relaxing place…Lets see when can I manage to get that..Hopefully soon!! 😀

        Hiii Gurpreet!

        I am just doing ok…trying to manage lots of things while taking care of my little one..and he too is growing super fast…time literally flies in a blink! 😛 How have you been?

  19. Mishti says:

    You look super fresh… gosh!!! am in love with your new haircut 🙂 it suits you, gives you the teeny wala look 😀 booties and skirt *aaahhhh* they are sexy… I WANT! On the 7th pik you look so thin…. I have gained so much weight during summer break, now i dont know how to put it off(sigh) And you had such a fun weekend *wow*… my internal exams started from today. Already dead, dont know how am gonna survive the whole week with this tension ufff! :'(

    Am eagerly waiting for Thursday 😀

    • Rati says:

      thanks mishti. hih teeny wala look. 😛 I havent gymmed in past one month.. now trying to get back in routine. :)) You just have to follow and you’d get thin magically. hahhaha!!! 😀 all the best for your exams. You’d do just fine. :))


  20. neha says:

    hahahaha good one, and loved the last pics a lot

  21. pinky says:

    love love your new hair cut . i thought you would make it shorter 😀 but its not that short and did suit you very well darling 🙂 i loveeee your casual outfit and the n*de shoes are just killing me 😀 heheheh i love the title coffee with a stranger it does happen sometimes i too experienced a same situation when i went chatting with a complete stranger for two hours and my parents just freaked out hehehe ofcourse i was travelling and forgot my ipod so stranger became my friend for next two hours 🙂

  22. Pretty little outfit and a pretty haircut. I love meeting up with strangers, sometimes feels like I’ve known them for ages.

  23. Sunee says:

    Waawww loved the skirt and the shoees!! gud ones even hair cut u look super cool chick!!

  24. Amruta Deore says:

    Rati you look so prettier with each of your posts. I completely adore you 🙂

  25. Archana says:

    Hi Rati….
    Your hair cut is just fab suiting u a lot…. 🙂
    N the yellow shoes so refreshing I think its good for me specially to cut off those Monday blues at work. 😀

    Have been bunking work coz I got stye… but m happy 😀

    Happy week ahead. 🙂

  26. Aru says:

    Very cute haircut and i loved the top. Very very smart. Those shoes are fabulous. I really like wedges type shoes.

    Me in China this week. Got here yday. Here till the weekend. Will explore the city more over the weekend and make a trip to Shanghai if possible. Its only 45 mins away by train. Oh i got upgraded to Business class on my was from hyd to hong kong. What an amazing time! Will try and send an article once i return if i can take any good pics.

    • Rati says:

      OMG china!! YOu are the first actual person whom i know who has been to china. 😀 Please click photees and get all the details.! Our travelling is put on hold for a bit because there is a bit of work to finish up at this end! :)) hihih I have travelled in business class. It’s pretty awesome! Glad you had a fun time. and noooooo plzz take piccys. good or bad!! Enjjoyyyyy!!! 😀

  27. gurpreet says:

    pretty women -dekho dekho na.. is wat plays in my mind when i am looking at ur pics..

  28. amrita sharma says:

    i knw m too late 2 reply on dis post…bt i particularly luvd dis attire of urs…vry well put up…clapsss..

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