Rain & Tea

dhruv patel bag

The weather has been so super awesome here in Delhi. OMG! I am just going to stand on my balcony hours and sip tea.

Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

diesel khakis


mango wooden shoes

asos skull spike necklace

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Wearing :
Top, Shoes : Mango
Pants : Diesel
Bag : Dhruv Patel
Watch : Michael Kors
Necklace : Asos
Bracelet : Forever 21

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44 Responses to Rain & Tea

  1. Devie says:

    Those suspenders are too cute, Rati!
    I think all of Delhi’s heat got blown our way…it’s going to be 104 degrees (40 degrees centigrade) over here today and that’s super hot! There are warnings on TV not to be outside for too long!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend : ))

    • Rati says:

      devie, the heat is totally maddening here. and btw it didn’t rain except that the weather looks atad bit relaxed today. I toh go out in sun and get a headache. It’s actually kinda scary to get the temperature soaring so much. 🙁

      you too have a great weekend. 🙂

      btw, I almost finished reading my 2nd shopaholic book. 😛

      • Devie says:

        Wow, you’re fast! Good you bought them in person otherwise they’d be in the mail abhi 😛
        Today is even hotter than yesterday, it’s driving me crazy…I feel like I’m in Delhi with the “sadi (sari?) garmi” 😛
        So I decided to spend the day out in other people’s air conditioning at the mall. Best part — the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body works, needless to say I went crazy! 😀

        P.S. The bag you’re carrying is so cute and different. IS it a one-of-a-kind piece?

        • Rati says:

          hihihih so cute. 😛 here also it’s sales everywhere. I went to Mango yesterday and it looked like subzi mandi. 😐 I’d rather buy their stuff online. 😀

          and zara people are totally not telling when their sale is starting. but people are smart and know zara would have a sale within a week or so. So Zara was totally deserted yesterday. havent seen the place so empty in past many months. 😛 but all these sale shops women are going insane. Picking up clothes throwing them . hihihih

          the bag is by some budding designer. actually i dont know how i discovered her but i found her stuff super unique. plus the leather is amazingly fine. check her stuff here : http://www.dhruvapatel.com/

          • Pia says:

            Hey rati.. U checked out mango?? I still hv nt been able to go.. Month end pressure at work.. Kal se thori shanti.. Will go tomo ya day after now.. Waiting for promod sale also.. They also shud start this week ideally 😀

            how was ur weekend?? No weekend LOTD n food picys 🙁
            My hubby n me are having a sunday movie marathon.. There are soo many new movies we missed out last month cos of our travelling.. So i downloaded them on my lappy.. N watching on our LED with the ac on full blast.. Hehe!!! Watched ishqaade, then vicky donor.. Uske baad ferrari ki sawaari.. Now watching shanghai 😀 😀 😀 😀

            hey devie.. Do u stay in india?? Whr is the bbw sale???

            • Rati says:

              yeah it was bhindi mandi. i managed to get one dress but after that i lost patience. 😛 where do you shop? at select city walk?

              aww!! weekends are mostly busy for this. we didn’t go out anywhere this time. I love both vicky doner and iskqzade. can watch them so many time. how was ferarri ki sawari?

              devie is super posh. she stays in amrika. 😛 😛

              • pia says:

                haha!! amrika!! lol!!

                rati i am a delhi-ite actually.. but stay in kolkata ya.. my full family is spread across dilli 🙂

                for us its forum courtyard.. mango, aldo, promod, tbs, lush, charles & kieth,
                latin quarters.. sab ek hi jagah pe hai..

                ferrari ki sawaari was a bit slow.. but a cute movie in the end.. i loved vicky donor..
                ayushmaan khurana is sooo cute… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. love the necklace!!

    I heard that it rained in lots of places in delhi…nut sadly not my neighbourhood 🙁


  3. Janhavi says:

    didnt rain much today 🙁 Im not sure what my weekend plans are but I did kickstart the weekend with a dinner with close friends – always a joy. Love this look – especially the top.

    I love drinking hot tea/coffee when it rains. And if I have a good book then all the better. Oh I finished last night at chateau marmont today. Love love love !!! Thankooooo for reccomending it !

    • Rati says:

      J doo, so glad you liked the book. I almost finished reading my second sophie kinsella book. girl! I am going faster than my actual speed. 😛

      here also it was like okay dokey rain but nice weather. and not it’s back to being sunny again today. 🙁

      • Janhavi says:

        I promptly gave my copy to a friend who also loved it and finished it overnight ! I loved the first shopaholic and the shopaholic getting married , the rest I couldnt read – her shopaholicyness was just too much – sometimes I just felt like slapping Ms Bloomwood so I just stopped reading them :S

        It rained today afternoon but I was napping 🙁 Now its all sunny again – Bah Humbug. I dont like this schizo weather one bit

        • Rati says:

          hihihi j doo you’d make such a cute mom. 😛 I toh am totally enjoying it. She is so mad.. sometimes I also get irritated with her. But I guess I am finding her character super cute. Like she is good at heart. Poor thing she loves shopping way too much and ends up in trouble all the time. 😛

          It’s was so irritatingly sunny today. Dont ask. Weather Gods are totally playing games with us. grrr….

          • Janhavi says:

            A cute mom ??? * looks bewildered, flabbergasted and err proud* Im not sure why but thank you 😀 Although hopefully thats a long way off from happening.

            I dunno the thing with misss bloomwood is 2 books of her goodheartedness was all I could take 🙁
            did u like the movie ???

            im still praying for more rain

            • Rati says:

              yeah long way but i can imagine you controlling the kids. 😛

              yeah i kinda enjoyed the movie but now i feel they dint do justice to the books. it should have been made in parts. okay 5 movies would have been the exaggeration but just one movie did not do any justice. plus i want to see luke and her together more. 🙂

              *joins in prayers * hihihih i was watching news today and some people are making frogs marry because acc to them frogs marriage brings rain. 😛

  4. Ramya says:

    Rati, looking super cool here 🙂 I loved the Khakis n I’ll keep an eye out for them during this sale season…
    I just love the way u play around with accessories n make the look SO fashionable!!! U totally look like a celeb here 🙂
    The weather here is beautiful.. Cloudy n romantic :)I keep drinking endless cups of (green) tea!
    Currently reading a book on Fashion called The Meaning Of Sunglasses by Hadley Freeman n LOVING IT!! Its witty n superbly written. U SHOULD check it out! I think u’d love it!!

    • Rati says:

      I feel accessories lift up the outfit so much. A simple watch also adds to the look. Thanks ramya 🙂

      I almsot finished reading my second book. I cant believe I am reading the books so fast. I actualy read slow and eat up my books word by word. 😛 But this getting insane. I cant wait to reach the mini shopaholic soon. loll!!

      The weather here is back to being hot. 🙁

      really? I am so glad I started writing about books here. Have come across so many good books and got back to my reading. 🙂 Thanks a ton. 🙂

      • Ramya says:

        I know!! These Shopaholic books are actually as addictive as shopping!! 🙂 I too get irritated with Becky at times (especially in Mini Shopaholic) but I keep thinking, how’s she gonna get out of THAT? Lol!! 🙂
        Oh!! I toh just get so thrilled whenever u write abt a book, I cant wait to read it. Me loves books! 🙂
        Do check out The Meaning Of Sunglasses sometime. I finished it n its a great read 🙂
        There is no rain here yet but very cloudy n breezy.. Enjoying it when it lasts!!
        How’s the weekend going?

        • Rati says:

          can you beat that I finished reading the 2nd book yesterday only and have read so much of the third book already. 😛 me too love books. :))

          i would i think after shopaholic series i’d read the harry winston book. Guess by the time i’d reach the last book, i’d already have an overdose of shopaholism. 😛

          • Ramya says:

            Oh chasing Harry Winston? I like that a lot. Very fun read n her usual style of rambling on n on is missing there so there’s no tapping-foot-in-impatience-waiting-for-her-to-get-to-the-point-already factor. Lol 😉
            Oh ya when u read these books continuously its definitely gonna be an overdose of shopaholism 🙂
            Rati waiting for the sale! 😀

  5. Tara says:

    Cute and me too waiting for awesome waether days….just love the idea of sipping tea and enjoying in the balcony….yay for monsooooooooooooooooooons!!!!!!! Let be all happieieie with their onset bcoz once they come and we are stuck in jams for hrs….all this would go down the drain rightaway 😛

    • Rati says:

      i know. there was som relief yesterday but it is back to being grrrr…hot.

      Sanjeev and i have developed this habit of standing in the balcony and chit chatting. Not to forget the tea alongwith. 😀 I can imagine. We have a teaspoon of rain and hours and hours of jams. Life is just not fair. 😛

      • Tara says:

        Teaspoon….that is just so my word!!!! I mean even I address my frustation by using – “Do chamach baarish aur do ghante jam”……hehehehe 😉 Life is really not fair when it comes to rains….we just can’t enjoy them without this tagged tensions of jams!!

        • Rati says:

          hihihih i know tara. dilli wale we are no so we’d have similar language. 😛

          you get so worried about the jams no. 😛

  6. Dita says:

    Wow nice look! Love your shoes Rati.. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. jomol says:

    I am staring at your pics…..won’t say why 😉

  8. shami says:

    chennai is also much better for the past 2 to 3 days 🙂 cloudy and rains in the evening…
    i loved everything in this look, especially your hair…….. oh god!!!!, you are blessed

  9. Bhumika says:

    I loved the khakhis..and the bag and shoes..such a casual and nice look 🙂

  10. Naomi says:

    OMG i want to steal the bag and shoes! enjoy your tea

  11. Pia says:

    Rati.. There is something i have been wanting to share with you for sometime now.. I hafta hafta THANK u and IMBB for making such a huge difference to my life.. And in every way.. It had helped me to get over this phase of depression n ignoring myself.. To again reinventing my sense of style.. Taking care of my health and skin.. Lately my hair had become a dry mop due to usage of dove and other silicone shampoos.. After reading ur post i switched to tbs rainforest shine.. Now my hair is almost back to normal.. N so much to manageable and regaining its lustre again.. 😀
    really cant thank u enough rati.. I am sooo much in awe of u n IMBB.. Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart… Hugsssss <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  12. Jabberwocky says:

    It seems that the monsoon clouds were driving from Kerela to Chandigarh in luxury cars. They stopped at Delhi for a break and then heard about the hike in petrol prices. The bankrupt clouds decided to buy the few drops of petrol that they could buy with their remaining money and burnt their cars. Hence the monsoon for the year 2012 died an untimely death. The remaining untouched part of northern India will soon wilt away in the 40-something degree heat evaporate off the face of this cruel earth. True story. 😛

    Drooling over the outfit again. I am SO going to buy myself a pair of suspenders. 😀 Also, cool quote. Although I am not a big tea person, I can stand and smell it for hours from the chai-wala-dabba. 😛

    • Rati says:

      JW, i totally agree with your story.. hihih after those few drops of rain it’s back to being super hot again. 🙁 infast last night AC was also doing some ehsaan on us. grrr…

      really? you like the smell of tea but not the tea itself ? 😀 It’s like coffee for me. I can smell coffe for super long hours except that I love drinking it too. 😀

    • Aru says:

      really cute post JW. your posts bring a smile to my face almost immediately.

      Hyderabad its been ok. Off and on..a drizzle or two with a 30 min shower somewhere thrown in..i love the rains, such fond memories of when i was growing up in Bombay…. and the smell of the rain, the cup of tea (both in the balcony and the tapri waala) make it so special..i feel so much as peace when it rains (not the thunder one :)). but having said, the weekend was nice. A friend who has bought an independant bungalow invited us for lunch. she’s done it up so fabulusly!!The weather was super gorgeous. that cloudy cloudy, nice breezy, halka sa drizzle made the drive really enjoyable.

      • Rati says:

        i guess i must make a visit to hyderabad now. because here it is so hot that you can literally fry egg on your head. 😐

        omg you should share piccys of your friend’s bungalow. I know i am being super sneaky but do share if you have. *puppy faces* 😛

  13. Pia says:

    Have u tried peppermint tea rati?? Do try that from twinings and tulsi and green tea from organic india.. These flavoured teas are meant to be had without milk.. Im soo loving them these days <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. Ayantika says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwww….you are a stunner Rati …want that necklace 🙂

    Bong’s Belleza

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