Salzburg, Austria – A Magical Place in Europe

gaisberg clouds

Hi Everyone, 🙂

We made a two day trip to a little town in Austria called Salzburg. It’s probably the cutest and the most magical place we have been so far on this trip. The town itself turned out to be so homely and cozy. They also have the prettiest Christmas Market. If given a chance, I could really live in a place such as this.

On the second day we made a trip up on the mountains to a place called Gaisberg. It was just out of the world place. The clouds were literally at our feet. The scenery was just beyond stunning. What we experienced was truly magical and would always stay in our hearts. I think I’d just let you go through the pictures and not speak much today.

You may check out this little video I posted on my Instagram HERE

Have a good day ahead all of you. Will talk to you super soon! 🙂

D84A4248 D84A4252 D84A4269 D84A4309 Literally walking inside the clouds. Adidas stan smith D84A4378 gaisberg salzburg austria Popping the fluffy cloudswalking on clouds salzburg europe The magic lies behind the woods.

gaisberg woods salzburg travel The fluffiest bed on earth!

gaisberg travel salzburg salzburg winters salzburg chanel

Some pics of the Salzburg town!

The cutest streets of Salzburg
The cutest streets of Salzburg
Welcome to Austria : )
Welcome to Austria : )
roasted chestnuts!
roasted chestnuts!
cute bandaids at pharmacy
cute bandaids at pharmacy
Thugs in town!
Thugs in town!
hello mr snowman!
we bring gifts
a cute shop at the christmas market
a cute shop at the christmas market
salzburg austria christmas-market-3
Yummy treats
Found healthy Indian food at Bio Bistro. Yum!
Found healthy Indian food at Bio Bistro. Yum!
a coffee night
a coffee night
View of city from the castle!
View of city from the castle!
salzburg love locks bridge
Some love from bridge to the other. : )

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38 Responses to Salzburg, Austria – A Magical Place in Europe

  1. Tina says:

    Amazing scenery…speechless 🙂

  2. kiransingh says:

    just amazing view 🙂 feel like heaven ….. scrolling page again and again 🙂

  3. devaki says:

    Amazing … speechless …. I also want to go ….

  4. niharika says:

    Omg rati.. Itz such a pretty place and ur pics captured the beauty so aptly!!!wud luv to visit.
    Hope u r njyn ur trip… Tc

  5. aru says:

    Spectacular!!! simply breathtaking..would like to plan one of these vacations myself ..guess you are visiting all these places at a good time. Cold but festive..loved those 1st few pics in the clouds..How Beautiful is that!! WOW!!

    • Rati says:

      thank you aruna. i agree cold but festive. it’s just too beautiful. :)) Let’s see if we get to see snow though!! 🙂

  6. kezia says:

    wowww diii u look so prettty …..i love the sceneries…….

  7. parminder says:

    Truly magical… beyond words…..

  8. shai says:

    The home of the Sound of Music… one of my must visit places. Nice pics Rati!

  9. Monika says:

    unbelievable! You described it perfectly Rati..IT IS MAGICAL! On my wishlist now!

  10. renji anooj says:

    wow….such an awesome place!! So lucky you guys are

  11. Rashmi Ajay says:

    What a heavenly place….winter brings out the best here !! Superb photography…..& Rati di you are looking so good & happy !!! I never knew Austria is such a beautiful place….all thanks to you. Enjoy guys !!! 🙂

  12. NehaS says:

    What a beauty Rati!!!!!???? This is so pretty and memerizing 🙂 🙂 i have forgotten my trip by seeing your pictures 😉

  13. Megha says:

    Beautiful pictures rati di…. Cant stop seeing them time and again. ..

  14. surabhi khungar says:

    the piks are totally magical and unreal!! m just speechless seeing them…spellbounded and awestruck!!

  15. coralcrue says:

    this place looks like it’s out of a painting. leaves one astonished. lucky you

  16. Mahalakshmi says:

    Awesome photos. Such a festive mood. So Magical. And the first photo is the best one. 🙂

  17. Swathi says:

    Speechless… No wonder you loved this town so much. Photos are treat to eyes 🙂

  18. vinnimeow says:

    Ahhh. How could you be so cruel Rati…!!!!
    First thing i did after seeing these pictures is showed it to my husband and – … please take me there..(I am rolling on floor)..
    I wanna go there…. You have to take me.. and my husband is saying that he will block FauxPas as in his words-Ye website tumko bigaad rahi hai. Samajho biwi, Rati aur Sanjeev ke jaadu mantar ka asar hai ye..!!!

    Anyway, that was all my drama, but the place looks ethereal. Its amazingly beautiful. No words. just FYI, it is now wallpaper of my laptop screen and mobile screen.

    • Rati says:

      hahha!! your comment made my day. wait till i post switzerland post and you would do a bigger convincing to your hubby to take you there. 😀 😀 thank you sooo much. :))

  19. San says:

    Oh dear I am speechless!!! Splendid photography. Everything is so magical and out of the world. And you look absolutely great!!

  20. priyanka kaler says:

    OMG!!! This looks soooooo serene!!!!! Heaven on earth!!!! I need to go to this place soon!!!! 😀 and you look just amazing Rati!! Amazing pics!!

  21. Manasi says:

    OMG!!! great pictures dear!!

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