19 Ways to Style your Blue Jeans

Always wondered about how to style your blue jeans? Take clues from these 19 cool styles.

Have a great week ahead 🙂

Blue jeans style

blue jeans outfit

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14 Responses to 19 Ways to Style your Blue Jeans

  1. nitika says:

    wow! …. what about colored denims?

  2. sandhya says:

    Wow rati di, after seeing this post I feel the winter alarm has gone off. i am far too bulky to carry out these styles, but will try to incorporate a few into my winter dressing. I see the tag line is to accesorize (bags and shoes) and with your lotds as my guru hope to rock this winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was looking at your lotds and was thinking ‘cant wait to see rati di back in her jean, top and coat look’ and you have come up with this post! Are you actually capable of reading minds ????????????

    • Rati says:

      awwww thanks sandhya. actually jeans is something everyone wears so I thought i’d put up the post. and yeah key is always accessorizing. it takes your outfit one notch up. 🙂 may last to lst outfit was in jeans and blazer. check that out. 🙂

  3. Arja says:

    I really needed this post. Though I`m currently digginf flirty skirts as well as no nonsense corporate A-lined ones (they look so good with fitted jewel toned satin tops – hail classiness ^_^ ) ,jeans are a staple in my closet. (teen story. ) I even sleep in them sometimes. Thank you for this post. Will look for those spotted jeans – I think miranda kerr`s sporting. or the lady who resembles miranda kerr. Praying for a colder weather and more fashionable people on the streets.

    • Rati says:

      I love my jeans too arja. But taking a break from them for a while. It’s so maddening hot here even the thought of jeans makes me shudder. 🙁 Hiihih i dont sleep in jeans. I have this obsession of changing to home clothes as soon as I come back from somewhere. Sanjeev literally lives in his jeans and he loves it. 😀

      that could be miranda kerr only. 🙂

  4. Aru says:

    loved them all and what was most interesting is they are all so wearable..the jacket with jeans and high heels is a very stylish statement to make..

  5. khush says:

    cool pictures for ideas.. 😀 but in first pic, the white wedges are looking more bigger than the waist of the model…hehehehehehe

  6. khush says:

    but one more thing….dont u think these models are too skinny. to be real…as in indian women are full figured..it wuld be awsome if selected styles ides wuld have been chosen for esp. indian women…some of the ideas abt styling may not work on every figure…this is just a piece of suggestion…from me…nothng offensive

    • Rati says:

      khush these are actually street styles and surprizingly most fashion bloggers are quite skinny. i dont know the reason but they are. But i would totally keep your point in mind and would try to find street styles that ahve more fuller girls. I loved the last style a LOT. It’d work on everyone. 🙂

      • Devie says:

        I could only spot two models — Karolina and Miranda and what sucks is that the bloggers are wayyy skinnier looking than them.
        I think you did a great job picking out these looks as almost all of them can be pulled of by anyone regardless of their height/weight : ))

  7. Devie says:

    Love the way these are styled and totally agree with Aru above that jeans +high heels = awesome 😀
    However, I’ still torn between skinny jeans v.s. boyfriend jeans, Rati! I prefer skinny jeans and don’t want them to go anywhere but I do feel bf jeans are more fashion forward…

  8. Ayantika says:

    wow very useful tips..

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