Good Bye 2012 :))



Hiya Everyone, 🙂

Sanjeev and I are having fantabulous time here in Goa. During the day we spent time on the beach. In the evening we went to see Mr Beach Body Contest. lol!! That was real fun. All these painted body men were coming on the stage in groups and showing off their muscles. 😛 We got to know that this year’s Mr India is also from Goa. Not sure if it’s true though. 😛

Anyhoo, I really want to thank all of you for being a part of my life. I never thought anyone would be interested in reading my ramblings. But all you have been extra sweet and supportive towards me. Thank you sooooooo much. It had been a great year for me with all of your around. 🙂

Leaving for the new year’s eve party right now. Will share more stuff with you guys tomorrow. 🙂

A BIGGGGGG Happy New Year to all of you. *hugsss and kisssesss* 🙂

See you in 2013 :))

Some more pics HERE





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new-year-goa newyear-goa


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Mr Beach Body Contest
Mr Beach Body Contest : P

New year’s outfit :

Outfit :
All Zara
Neckpiece : Bansari
Bracelet : Forever 21

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