Green Momos!


Hello Everyone. 🙂

God! finally winters are officially here. It’s getting so cold here. Yesterday it was foggy and rainy. I had to pack myself up from top to bottom to step out of the house. It’s rarely I am not wearing socks these fact some days I am also sleeping with socks on. 😛

I am half way through finishing ” The Hobbit” . So loving it. I will review it for you guys in a day or two.

Today Sanjeev and I spent our evening at Emporio’s Cha Shi sipping masala tea and eating green colored momos. Lol!!  I totally love that place for tea. You guys should totally give that place a try.

Are you enjoying your winters? 🙂

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Masala chai
Masala chai
Green Momos : D
Green Momos : D
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