I am backkkkk! :)

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Hi Everyone, 🙂

I was missing writing my old-style posts that I used to write every Monday and Thursday but unfortunately, I could not keep up with that routine. But I have decided that I will post every Monday. You can read my posts with your first cup of coffee to start your week. I promise to keep my posts quite decent. 😀

This week has been a bit slow. Sanjeev and I are planning our next travel. My shopping strategy is quite different this time. I am just keeping the basics and pretty much carrying an empty suitcase. I am both scared and excited about the idea. I mean I go prepared to the ‘T’ during my travels but then the last time I barely shopped clothing wise. Because I was carrying too much stuff and there was not enough space in the luggage. Keeping fingers crossed. 😀

I went out to have tea at Elma’s with a friend. I mostly go to the HKV one but this time I decided to give the Meherchand one a try. It was actually quite nice. I am planning to go there again one of these days and work from there. The red velvet cake is to die for. 😀

Sanjeev and I watched Interstellar yesterday. It’s hard to believe that someone has THIS much brains to make this good a movie. I think everyone was in awe with what they saw on the screen.A total Oscar material.

I am a bit off my reading these days. Any chic-flick recos that you might have? 🙂

And Bigg Boss in ON! 😀 Who is your fav so far?

How was your week? Anything exciting? 🙂

Oh! totally loving Marks & Spencer winter wear. ^_^

Also, you can follow me on instagram or facebook. But I will see your sexy faces every Monday morning here. Yiipiieee! I am so excitedddddd. 😀

Have a suuuppperrr week all of you. Mwwwaah!!

Was missing my tea time with mom. And how cute are those Chumbak cups : ))
Tea Time at Elma's
Tea Time at Elma’s

Some day to day outfits. In a bit of ‘can’t get enough of black’ and ‘can’t-get-hands-off-my-pocket’ phase. 😀


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