Last Night At Chateau Marmont

I totally forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the 2nd half of  the Last Night at Chateau Marmont.  I’d say that the story is quite predictable. As you flip through the first 50 pages,  you are already aware of where the story is leading. I still loved Lauren’s Weisberg’s narrative. All her books have this little dragging part where you’d wish that the story moved faster but she brings everything together beautifully as you move towards the end.

last night at chateau marmont

It is a husband and a wife story. The wife is doing two jobs to make ends meet and support her struggling musician husband. One day he gets a huge contract from Sony, and becomes an overnight success. From there, their lives change and the narrator takes us through their relationship struggles. The novel touched my heart. I could relate to the fact that as a couple, partners do go though the ups and down in life. At the end it totally depends on how badly the the two people want to make their relationship work and be there for each other. As you read the last words of the book,  all you want to do is stand up, hug your partner and tell him/ her, “you know what, come what may we’d hold on to each other forever.” 🙂

last night at chateau marmont review

Overall, it was a light hearted average read.

On Sunday Sanjeev and I went to Imperial’s 1911 Restaurant for supper / dinner. They have this gorgeous verandah lounge, where you can sit and relax for hours at a go. I ordered Vegetarian Thukpa and He ordered sandwiches and beer.  Food was as delicious as it looked, and ambience couldn’t have been “more” perfect. Enjoy the piccys. 🙂

imperial 1911 restaurant delhi

fresh breads

imperial hotel 1911 restaurant delhi
loved the idea of serving snacks in glasses. And they serve bingo mad angles. yay!!!

chanel bombay paris

Tom Ford Nikita Black

beer glass


vegetable thukpa

french fries
Somewhere mid way Mr. husband lost interest in "eating" fries. lol!

black vintage car

Mark Twain

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