Man of Steel

joseph royal blue dressHiya Everyone, 🙂

I totally forgot it was Thursday today. 😛 Anyway, I watched Man of Steel yesterday and boy! I am a Superman fan now. I think Superman is one character that I have known from my childhood but I was never too impressed with him. 😛 And then his fancy dress… To top it all, I saw the older version of Superman. THIS one… loll!!! But the new superman,Henry Cavill’ is sooo impressive. He is ultra modern and you relate to him. I loooved the cinematography of the movie especially. The way the little details and moments are captured in the movie are just wonderful. They touch your heart. You should definitley watch it. The movie gives you hope that good always triumphs over evil. I hope they make a series of it. 🙂

That dress above, I wore it for an event today. I was dying to do a matchy shoes with outfit look for a long but somehow was not getting a chance. I am all about minimal jewlery these days. I paired my dress with a beautiful choker style neckpiece from Eina Alhuwala. It is called ‘Give’ neckpiece. There are two little hands that join together… one giving to the other. Will show clearer pics soon. 🙂




Have a super awesome weekend everyone. :-* How is the week coming along for you guys? 🙂


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