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Hiya Everyone. 🙂

I didn’t know that our second trip would get planned so soon. 🙂 Till Sunday evening we were not sure whether we were going to Rishikesh or not. Somehow it got planned. I packed an hour before leaving. Just threw in whatever came to my hand first in my bag. loll!! It was a suuuuuuperb trip. Just a two day thing and we could have done more had we had more time but the journey was amazingly fulfilling. We reached Rishikesh at night. We had booked our cottages at Neemrana Glass House, Rishikesh.We were 4 people and the first word was ‘Wow’ when we saw the Neemrana Property and its location. It’s located right next to the Ganges. When you open your room curtains in the morning, you get a beautiful view of the gushing river, the greenery and the hazy mountains. It couldn’t get better.

When we saw the flow of water at night, we had given up against the idea of rafting. But in the morning we couldn’t rest ourselves and decided to give it a go. The water was in its purest and the coldest form. We did take a 1-2 minute swim and hands and knees were blue when we climbed our raft back. But that was THE Experience that made everything so divine. 🙂

This was my third trip to Rishikesh. It’s beautiful everytime. 🙂

I don’t think I can do justice to the place in just one post. so would be posting more pics and experiences of the place in my next post. 🙂

orange bag gucci

The tents, glass house by the ganges, rishikesh

The Glass House by the Ganges , Neemrana
The Glass House by the Ganges , Neemrana
Found my Forest Essential Stuff in bathroom there. Happy Bunny : D

ganga rishikesh





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rishikesh outfit

emerald shirt mango


orange black outfit winter

Shivpuri- that’s where we started our rafting from
The stream of milk flowing. It was coming from the milk people were pouring on the Shivling. gorgeous view.
The stream of milk flowing. It was coming from the milk people were pouring on the Shivling. gorgeous view.

Wearing :
Jacket, Jeans, Scarf : Zara
Shirt : Mango
Shoes Forever 21
Bag : Gucci Soho Shoulder Bag in light sunflower

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