The Shopaholic So Far…

the shopaholic and sister

I finished reading three books from the Shopaholic series in the past few days (Boy! Am I impressed 😛 ). I would have said that I was thoroughly addicted to the series but I didn’t find ‘Shopaholic ties the Knot‘ and ‘Shopaholic and Sister‘ very thrilling. I looovveed the first two book from the series but the last two books were a bit exaggerated and I felt Becky had somehow lost her charm. I think my personal favourites are the annoying letters she gets from the bank managers. loll!! I want to cut those letters from the book and pin them in a file for me to read them again and again. 😛

Have already started reading ‘Shopaholic and baby.’ I have a feeling that this is going to be exciting. *fingers crossed* And no matter what I say about the books they are lovely light-hearted pageturners. I look forward to reading them after a long hectic day. 🙂

Last week has particularly been quite stressful. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I really want to dine out somewhere nice. Sanjeev and I haven’t gone out anywhere this week.

Oh! I am totally addicted to Love Bites with Joey. She is sooo fabulous. I love her easy (at least they look easy :P) to follow recipes. She totally makes food sound so romantic. 😀 Although it’s quite irritating to see the two episodes getting repeated through out the week. But whatever. I am so trying her bruschetta recipe this weekend. It looks divine.

Anyone for lovely lemon tea? 🙂 How has your week been?

the shopaholic series

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