mango belted dress

There are days when I feel so claustrophobic with the amount of technology that I am surrounded with. I have a BBM, which initially I thought was pretty cool.  I could be in touch with my friends just like good old college days. But later I realized that rather than calling up my friends and having a good hearty talk with them, I was BBMing everything. I had not talked to them for months because, you know, I was always in touch with them. Duh! Blackberry is quite addictive. It’s funny how BBM status messages work. Your boyfriend wouldn’t have a Blackberry but the status message would read ” You are the sunshine of my life , S“. The whole world would know about the sunshine stuff BUT the boyfriend himself. 😐

So I am decided. There are certain things that I would make an effort at not changing about myself . Things such as reading a paperback than reading the novel online. Calling up friends and talking to them rather than getting addicted to messaging them. Writing personal notes with pen and paper for people who matter to me. *fingerscrossed*

I’d leave you with an interesting article on whether internet is ruining your brain. Read HERE. 

Do you sometimes feel that the technology is suffocating you?

On fashion note, I wore light earthy toned dress with tribal accessories. 🙂
mango khaki dress

mango tribal clutch

forever21 studded earrings

day dress outfit

tribal necklace

Wearing :
Dress, Belt, Clutch, Cuff, Necklace : Mango
Shoes : Zara
Earrings : Forever 21

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