Postcards from Dubrovnik, Croatia

hello from paradise : )

Hi Everyone, 🙂
Feels like ages I have updated FauxPas! But you know, I missed writing here and sharing pictures with you all. Sanjeev and I are in Dubrovnik, Croatia at the moment. it is my birthday trip. We planned it way in advance and were literally dying to come here. For those of you who are a fan of The Game of Thrones, well this is literally your dream come true. We stayed in Paris for one day and then travelled here. I’d share all the trip planning details in coming posts. Sharing pictures from 1+1/2 day of our day in this gorgeous dreamy land. Hope you like it. 🙂 Also, I keep sharing my trip updates on facebook and Instagram too, incase you want to see little videos along with. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the pics Sanjeev took. I myself wait to see the places through his lens and then I keep drooling over them :P.

PS : the pics you see below are of the Wall Tour we did at Dubrovnik. It’s a long 2 km walk along the battlements. You get a gorgeous view of the sea and the old town from the top. The walls date back to some 13th century. It’s a must do if you are visiting Dubrovnik. If you are interested in a bit of history, you can even do guided tours as well. We did on our town. My only tip would be wear good shoes and carry a bottle of water with you. It’s going to be a good workout. 😀 

Can’t wait to share more photos with you all soon. Loooads of love! <3

walking on the dreamiest lanes these days
literally in heaven
we landed in this beauty
the evening walks!
golden hour
lazy beaches
sun and the shadow
some days end up like this too
old town vibes
what’s for dinner
dubrovnik in pictures
drums full of candy
view rom our room
I woke up like this
my dressing room for next few days
let me show you around! : )
lazy beaches
moms can scold you in the middle of nowhere as well. Only they can. : P
the kayaks waiting to dot the gorgeous blue sea
and there they go
after breakfast :F
the little boats dotting the sea
walking towards the old town
coming up from the paradise
i longed for days like these
moody afternoons – Banje Beach
entering the old town of Dubrovnik . But first let me catch the view
and make epic memories with this one ! : )
the royal guards
a lovely croatian woman!
the old town of Dubrovnik
lets walk ahead
that little boy in the corner : )
take a moment to stop and catch the beauty (St Dominic street- the game of throne)
grab a bite in these lanes
on top of the world
delighted ! : D
imagine a life going on here
we climbed all the way up and the view wasn’t bad at all- king’s landing.
fav photo 🙂
the town hidden around the walls
keep walking
keep clicking
we saw this!
look ahead!
couldnt get enough of the view
roofs and tops!
A journey of thousand miles!
the lonely traveller! 😀
brick beauties
take a rest before going ahead
the colors of nature – 
feel like hopping on these roofs!
too picturesque
so happyy! : )
catch me if you can
a town of yearning!
catching the view
the game of thrones land
until next time! : )

Dress : Free People
Shoes Cos
Bags : Chanel/ Acne Studios
Sunglasses : Celine

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25 Responses to Postcards from Dubrovnik, Croatia

  1. Deepika Sv says:

    Wow Rati! The pics are so beautiful and you look so lovely. The place is breathtakingly amazing! I lovvveeee your dress!
    I am not sure if you noticed but those kayak looks like they have the colors of our national flag minus the Blue Chakra 🙂
    So happy you posted this! The place is so dreamy and I cant wait to plan the trip! Looking for more and more 😛


  2. Deepika Sv says:

    P.S. Why do you have two bags 😛 😛 😛 😛

  3. shikha says:

    OMG! This place is just so dreamy. Loving all your pics and stories but was waiting for this amazing post on Faux Pas. Been so excited and this post was so worth the wait. Absolutely gorgeous – the view, the pictures, and you two! <3 Looking forward to more posts and beauty. I just love your chic tiny dress and how the two bags are complementing it. 😀

    PS: Sir, you already know this but I loooove your photography. <3

  4. neha_n says:

    Oh man.. I was in two minds about Croatia after few initial pics, but these are just wow. Adding this place to my bucket list. It’s raining here in B’lore and now I just want the beach. :'(
    Have fun you two! 🙂

  5. jomol says:

    It feels so good to see a travel post on Faux Pas….we should do it more often Sanjeevji and Rati 🙂 That leggy pic was soooooo “wow.” Thanks for all these awesome pics – Dubrovnik does not look gloomy at all as in GOT – it is so gorgeous with pure blue seas….

    P.S. – love your outfit Ms. Singh :*

    • Rati says:

      hihih i am yet to watch GOT Mrs James but it’s stunning . We did a tour today and honestly looks like they changed a lot of how it is shown! 🙂 thank youuu :-*

  6. Amrutaa says:

    M so so happy to see u on faux pas…. Pls keep traveling.. 🙂 beautiful pics…croatia looks awesome…..i have a similar dress and blue bag but hav nver combined them… Will do that now… M loving that choker.. Pls tell me from where it is…

  7. mansi says:

    Oh my! I love love love this post. Rati ma’am you are beautiful and I love how you are sitting watching the ocean! Love your white dress. Sir your amazing photography skills have made this place come alive through pictures!

  8. Ahana says:

    Each time you travel, IMBBians travel with you. Such drool worthy pics! Have an amazing time. :*

  9. Saloni says:

    Omg I am so happy to see this post .. The pictures are so refreshing and this place looks so scenic and bright .. And you and sir look so happy and fresh 🙂 I am in love with this post and keep doing them more and more .. Waiting for the next post desperately 🙂 you look as chic as always 🙂

  10. Pooja says:

    Amazing pictures and the view? is awesome. Wanna visit it some day. Waiting for more updates like this and Rati di please keep updating faux pas too.

  11. renji anooj says:

    wow…..such a beautiful place to be….And you look like a happy bird <3 Love the outfit, the view, pictures of you two….. <3 have a great holiday! And happy birthday to you <3

  12. Sohela says:

    Whenever you two travel I get equally excited for the pictures as it’s almost like we are travelling with you guys. And of all the pictures I love the ones of the two of you together. You two make such an adorable and lovely pair.

  13. Preeti says:

    Wow Rati di..This place looks like straight from the heaven and you and sanjeev ji both are looking heavenly as well 🙂 Keep travelling and inspire us every other day.Thank you show much for showing us the world

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