15+ Ways to Style your Statement Neckpieces

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Sorry for the late post today. I just can’t stop reading my book. I actually have to force myself to strip myself away from the book to do my Monday post. 😛 How was your weekend? My weekend is usually busy.   But Friday and Saturday Nidhi and I watched Madras Cafe and Shush Desi Romance. Madras Cafe was brilliant but a required a lot of attention through out the movie. Shush Desi was crappy. Rishi Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra and Sushant Rajput made it bearable with their fab acting. Btw why was Vaani smiling throughout the movie? 😐 Overall a fun second half of the week. :))

This week I have no plans except to finish up loads of work. What about you? :)) Have a great week ahead. 🙂

Neha requested this post on Statement Neckpieces. I think Miroslava Duma rocks her statement necklaces like no one else!! :)) So I have used a lot of her pics in this post.Hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

1.  Pair a statement neckpiece with a solid color dress.


2. Statement neckpieces go beautifully with the chambray shirts.


3 & 4. Pair them with your woollen dresses or sweater.


5.  Pair it up with a beautiful high neck lace top.


6. Pair with a feminine blouse.


7. Wear a statement neckpiece in a clashing color with a pretty printed shirt dress.


8. Statement necklaces always go well with beautiful collars ..so be it a collar of a dress or a shirt. Dress ’em up!


9. Match your statement neckpiece with a color from your outfit.


10. Wear your statement neckpieces in winters over your beautiful coats.


11. There is always an option to dess up your plain top with a statement neckpiece.

how-to-style-statement-necklace-12 12. Dress up your favourite tee with a statement neckpiece. Probably my fav thing to do.


13. Perk up your crisp white shirt with a beautiful neckpiece.


14. Self explained.


15. Pair your statement neckpiece with a tube dress or gown. Did the same thing myself HERE


Then there is a whole post on IMBB on Sonam Kapoor’s Statement neckpieces HERE

Brand Ambassador Sonam Kapoor walked on the ramp at the Grand Finale of IIJW 2012

And here is whole post on my Statement neckpieces HERE


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14 Responses to 15+ Ways to Style your Statement Neckpieces

  1. neha says:

    Thankssss sooo much Rati, this is really helpful! :-*

  2. nisha says:

    hey… It happens same thing with me… i have to force myself to get up…n do something..rather than indulging in book… by the way..which book are you reading now??? I really liked the idea of wearing it over winter coats….. Have a super week(generally people wishes happy weekend… 😉 🙂

    • Rati says:

      I finished reading The Cukoo’s Calling. It’s written by JK Rowling. Brilliant novel. :)) Thanks. I’d see you again mid week so…. super week sounds good. 🙂

  3. ananya says:

    wow…such a helpful post. This Durga Puja, I habe planning to wear a gold statement necklace with a silk purple kurti..Hope the look works out.

  4. Ramya says:

    I basically got 2 treats today as I saw the palazzo pants post this morning 😀
    This post is awesome!!! 🙂 I looovee all ur statement neckpieces. I never tried them, the most adventurous I have gotten is beads around the neck 😐 Now I know what I need to shop next! 😀 So what does one wear on the ears ? Simple studs would do?
    I had the most marvellous, beautiful, relaxed, and fun weekend! 🙂 The best weekend so far! We threw a surprise belated party for my BFF with a unique choco-chip cake (made for her) at a lovely restaurant… And Sunday was spent chit chatting with a gal pal over the yummiest pasta and delicious blueberry tart! I dont even have monday blues, but that must be bcoz of the double fashion treat today 😀 😀

    • Rati says:

      I mostly either wear nothing on ears or wear like small studs. You can wear a nice ring if you want to. I feel two statement people around the face look a bit cluttered. But that’s just me. :))

      Your weekend sounds just awesome. :)) I feel like going on a lunch after reading your post. 😀 Thank you :-*

  5. Krithi says:

    i feeling super lazy now after long day work
    good read Rati
    hope u had good day yaar 🙂

  6. pinky says:

    great post rati 😀 and thanks a ton neha 🙂 all the pics are uhmazzingggg and especially love the way you style them rati.i love u red drops wala neckpiece want to see it soon with your outfit 🙂 ohhh was shuddi desi romance that bad 🙁 i am dying to watch jobs movie and ashton kutcher esp.

  7. Surbhi says:

    Thanks alot for this post rati di 🙂 I have started wearing statement necklaces too now. . Got 11 of these last week 😛 wont get more now because I cud just wear one in the entire week 😛 I love how necklaces can brighten up a simple plain outfit. This post will b very helpful 🙂 Thanks 🙂
    I didnt watch madras cafe cz it required a lot of attention n I just wanted to enjoy, so I went for shuddh desi romance. Wanted to watch the conjuring n grown ups2 but no shows here 🙁 u r ryt about the superb acting in the movie. I laughed at a few scenes im first half so it was paisa vasool for me bt I found the second part boring 🙁

  8. Shruti says:

    The best ones are the way you styled them. 🙂 And OMG u r soo right about Vani. I was wondering that is it me alone who found her overacting and trying to be super cool with her body language (you know kind of Abhay Deol, Irfan Khan etc.. I mean come on man, they are indeed COOL and are not pretending it). But this girl just did it all OTT with her stupid smiling act. I was so pissed off and all the time she was on screen I was getting irritated beyond limits. And I said the same thing twice to my hubby and he did n’t reply both times, so I thought may be he is thinking that I am getting all bitchy and stuff.. hahhahah.. I am happy that some one else too finds it a bit odd. 😉 BTW I loved Parineeti’s fresh and girl next door style acting. 🙂

  9. Radhika says:

    Wowie Rati!! Awesome post….I love such statement pieces…i love pairing neon pieces with my chambray shirt and also bib necklaces with my buttoned up shirts…I just adored each and every look of urs…totally worth drooling!!

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