Dos and Don’ts for a Tiger Safari

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Hiya Everyone, I am slowly becoming a seasoned traveller. 8 out of 10 times I am very well packed. So I thought I’d give some pointers on my travels after every trip. This one is especially for a tiger safari. Here you go 🙂

  • Pack a lot of tee shirts and shorts. Mostly people go for Safaris during the hot weather so after every safari, you’d be drenched in sweat. You would need light airy clothes. If you are not comfortable wearing shorts, go for linen pants such as these. Don’t wear skirts. You would have to get in an out of the jeep and wearing skirts is not the best option.
  • Carry a very high SPF sunscreen with you. In my case, my skin burns and peels from the sun more than it gets tanned. Only a good sunscreen, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses can save you from both sun and heat. 
  • For afternoon safaris, it’s best to wear full sleeves tee. But don’t cover yourself too much. You should keep yourself airy and comfy at the same time.
  • Always carry a scarf with you. It is a great savior in protecting you from the jungle dust.
  • Stock your jeep with lots of water and some eatables. Mostly safaris are 3 hour trips so you’d end up being hungry during this time period. Wasabi peas were the fav among us. 😛
  • Camera is a must for any trip. A good zoom is always preferred to capture the wildlife.
  • Pack some light outfits for dinner. That’s probably the only time you’d get to freshen up and relax. So why leave an opportunity to prettify ourselves. 😉
  • Go light on makeup. A good compact, a tinted moisturizer, a lip balm, bright lipsticks and waterproof mascara are just enough. I couldn’t think of wearing kajal in such heat. If you like kajal, go for a waterproof one.
  • A pair of sturdy light weight sneakers would go a long way – would keep your feet free of dust, and are easy to walk in.
  • A good multi purpose bag is a must have. Trust me, you’d need it. In my case I carried my Furla bag and my friend Richa had a very sturdy black shopper’s bag.
  • Try to get back to your hotels before the sunset. Sometimes wild animals come on the road, you don’t want to take that risk.
  • Pack a swimsuit to enjoy the pool. (optional) 🙂

Overall, just have fun. People get too worried about getting tanned during the safaris. I think travel comes with its pros and cons. Somethings you can be prepared for but some things you have to let go. Richa has a back problem so she carried cushions on the jeep and travelled on the bumpy roads. We had to wake up at 5 in the morning for the morning safari and step out in the scorching sun for the afternoon safari. It was a very exhausting trip. But, you know, it was all worth it when we spotted the tiger. You just need that spirit of travel to make your trip worthwhile. 🙂

Sharing some pics from the last day. We went to the Ranthambore fort to gather the history. It was a very steep climb up but the guide kept telling us stories about the place and it didn’t feel too long a walk. 🙂

Hope you enjoy our tiger safari as much as we did. Talk to you soon. Mwwaaahhh!!!

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willow dress

orange willow dress

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The fort map!
That’s where the king used to offer his prayer everyday
It’s good to be on the other side of the lens sometime. : )
ranthambore blog
Doing what princesses used to do back then – just sit and catch the view of the beautiful lake and mountains
Picture perfect!
Ganesh temple ranthambhore
the shiv temple while going up
Adding color to the barren fort!
beautiful fort! Imagine how grand it must be during its time
Water stop and a make shift table
that’s where the wars used to take place – ran bhoomi
chit chat on a hot summer afternoon
time to offer prayers at the ganesh temple
send letters from no where
Dressed to impress
Gandhijee ke teen bandar : D
chilling out!
ranthambhore travel
the view
Little prayers for their own homes one day
Standing out
Women wear the prettiest color combinations in Rajasthan
ranthambhore rajasthan travel
a long way up!
ranthambhore fort
protection from enemies
ranthambhore india
it ends!

Dress : Willow (Maison)
Shoes : Zara
Bag : Chanel Boy
Ring : Zariin

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