Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day IndiaHi Everyone, 🙂

Wish you all a very happy Independence day. It is also my dad’s birthday. I have grown up telling him that I am two days older than him. 😀 Happy birthday, Papa. 🙂

Btw has anyone of you ever gone to watch the Independence Day Parade at India Gate? Sanjeev and I once went but since we needed our phone to communicate with each other, we took our phones along with. And after a reaching CP, then walking a whole kilometer and going through the tiring checking process, we were told phones were not allowed. I mean it was written on the ticket but you cannot travel in Delhi without your cellphone Duh! So we were sent back. loll!! Sanjeev was so annoyed with me. It was my plan and he had painfully arranged for the tickets. And THIS happened. So now I think I’d have to manage with the television parade only. 😛

Anyway, Happy Holiday everyone. 🙂 What plans for today?

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