London Diaries 2017

Hi Everyone, 🙂
Sanjeev and I are travelling to London once again. We came here a few months back only for my birthday, I did not know that we’d come back so soon already. We absolutely love this place. We are staying in a cozy apartment here, cooking our meals, working from here and just enjoying the slow pace of life for a while. We came here with big plans of travelling but the weather has been so unfavourable to travel anywhere around that we are quite stuck where we are. But it’s all good. I am not complaining. This was the change I was really looking forward to. I hope you enjoy the photos. Will share more soon. Please nudge Sanjeev a bit to click more photos, alright. He is being super lazy. 😛
Loove you all. Mwwaaah! 🙂

late night flight and that bag that always gets me in trouble at the airpots. Still love it! : D


first view London
Enjoying my morning coffee
Slippery roads!
the little wonderlands!
always cold ankles. Might as well wear fishnets : P
ancient church
nom nom!
when they make art of garbage : D
I click you, you click me : D
IMBB Headquarters these days!
my kitchen stories! : D
Nature’s mirror!
check out those houses by the canal! They wake up to this view!
endless cups of caffeine!
these boats are homes of people ! They live in these! : )
some times they invite you in and you can dine in! : )
making memories!
wind in my hair!
row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily merrily for life is a dream! : )
art scenes around the corner
who is walking and who is stationery?
Fancy salt : D
lazy cold day!
Ghar ka khaana in London town! : )
life by the canal!
As the sun dawns!
I know ‘exactly’ how to dress up on a rainy day : P
want to peep inside these homes!
this one – Forever! : D
that romantic bridge!
My happy zone…always!
Red boots – obsessed!
Risotto and chicken kinda date! : D
best dessert of my life EVER! Apple crumble pie with salted caramel icecream. I died and went to heaven. : P
Until next time! : )
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