Maxim’s Pastry Shop

blueberry tart
The most awesome blueberry tart

I have a weak spot for bakery shops. They are treat not only for tummy but also for eyes. I love the warm smell of freshly baked muffins, and the colorful display of pastries and cakes. Time somehow seems to slow down at these places.

We have one such place called Maxim’s in Kailash Colony Market in Delhi. It is actually one of the best bakery shops in Delhi. We are some of the lucky few to have it located near our house. People from faraway places visit Maxim pastry shop for yummy snacks, sinful cakes, gourmet cookies, and fresh bakery. They also have a little sitting area and you can sit and order a few beverages apart from the stuff available at the shop. I have been visiting the place for almost 6 years now. I have memories of sitting there for long hours and studying or going on a little coffee date with Sanjeev. 😀 And over these 6 years I have only seen this place get better; except that I used to like their cakes more earlier than now. But that’s just my personal opinion. Sanjeev and I still visit the place for a cup of coffee, for old time’s sake.

Today we decided to skip proper dinner and just pick up some stuff from Maxim’s. Enjoy some serious food p*rn. 😉

If you happen to visit Delhi, do visit Maxim’s at Kailash Colony market. I insist. 🙂

maxims new delhi salad
Fresh custom-made salads from maxim's salad bar
chicken salad
Mr Husband's Chicken Salad
veg salad maxims kailash colony
veg Salad for Mum-in-law and me
fruit tart
The heavenly fruit tart
maxims pastry shop bread
Fresh warm loaves of wheat and garlic bread

bread quote

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