Paris 2016


Hi Everyone, 🙂

How are you all doing? 🙂 It’s like ages I have talked to you all. 🙂 Sanjeev and I are travelling to Paris once again. It’s like our year won’t complete if we don’t come to this gorgeous favourite city of ours. 😀 What’s the plan? Well, no plan actually. We have been here from past 2-3 days and all we are doing is just walking around, stopping by for  cup of coffee, checking out the world go by, enjoying the rain and may be stopping for a picture or a two. The day we came here my first statement was, ” I wold never be able to tell anyone why I love Paris so much. I just do.”.

I would be posting regularly here on FauxPas. So keep a look out for some more posts. Right how I hope you like this outfit of mine. It’s quite cold here. I am not much of a winter person – mostly because I am constantly hungry, I eat too much, i gain weight and then I crib too much. hihi. 😛 But this is a nice lovely weather with a nip in the air and let’s me enjoy doing my makeup without worrying about how to make it last longer. 😀 Loooads of love to you all. Hope you are all doing good. I will catch up with you all verry soon. 🙂 Let me know if you want to see something special from Paris in coming posts. 🙂 Mwaaahh! 





Jeans: Zara
Boots, Coat- Cos
Bag : Acne Studios
Sunglasses : Fendi

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