The Love Month!

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Hi Everyone, 🙂

How was your weekend? 🙂 Mine was pretty good, actually! 😀 A lot of brain sorting. I lost a few grams after a months and months of plateau. Went on a date with Mr Husband. And also explored a new restaurant called, Amalfi. It’s actually an Italian restaurant. They have named it Amalfi, which actually is a coast in Italy (remember this? ) but gave it a makeover of Rome cum Florence. 😀  Totally enjoyed the place though. 🙂

I plan my outfits around one element. In this case it was this lovely top by Pero that Sanjeev got it for me. ^_^. I saw this skirt at Good Earth the other day and I fell in love with the color. I don’t have anything in this beautiful taupe grey shade in my closet. So both things fell in place and then rest of the elements added to the look one step at a time. 🙂 I also wore a set of three bindis on my forehead – made dots with the Kajal. So they are not perfect round but I like them. 😀

You see that little ‘Pero’ heart. It’s hand stitched and it comes with the tags. Every time I just keep them with me and then in the end losing them. 🙁 Well, this time I just decided to let it hanging there on my top. It’s kinda special I feel. 🙂

Hope you like the outfit. Happy Love Month to all of you.  Mwwaahh!! Who’s gonna be your Valentine on 14th? 🙂

PS:From now on, I would be posting outfits on here on Faux pas only. IMBB would have the makeup breakdown of the looks.

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10 paisa coin necklace maya-bazar-neckpiece good earth skirt pero-top


Top : Pero
Skirt : Good Earth
10 Paisa Coin Neckpiece : Maya Bazaar

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