The Potter’s Delight and the Sunrise at Vivanta by Taj, Coorg

mint green vintage jacket

Day before yesterday was the last day of our stay at Vivanta by Taj, Coorg so we decided to utilize every bit of time there. The morning started with a regular lovely breakfast that happens alfresco high up on the property. You get to see a gorgeous view, eat a fantastic healthy brekky and breathe in the fresh air. It’s divine.

Later we attended a fantastic pottery class with our mentor Anubha. She is an amazing potter. She creates magic with clay and makes you fall in love with pottery. The whole session was therapeutic because you suddenly forget everything about the world and focus only on making your clay work for you.

The same evening we were fortunate enough to enjoy the fabulous rain in the rain forest. Our trip would have been incomplete without enjoying the rain. I also spent some time with the GM, Mr Krishna Kant, who explained me about various thing in the property. The wood used in the lobby is 90 year old recycled wood. The lamps in the room are inspired by the fishing nets used by Coorgi people. and so on…

We finished off our day by dining at their Coorgi restaurant, Nellaki. We ordered Akki Otis and some mango curry dish, which was suggested by their butler Deepak. Outstanding preparations.

So I guess I’d go my Chokidhani way and give you my must do list when you stay at Vivanta by Taj, Coorg, Madhikeri

  • Dine at Nellaki and Pool Side Grill. Take suggestions from the butlers. They know their menu like the back of their hand.
  • Never miss a breakfast. It comes with a view. 😉
  • Pottery class
  • Sunset, sunrise and tea at the open air lobby.
  • Forest walk. Take a smaller walk if you are not too much into fitness. Carry your trainers with you.
  • Stay in the Pool Villa, if you can.
  • The authentic Coorgi Spa at Jiva Spa. I couldn’t do it because I fell and they couldn’t put oil on my scratched legs. 😐

Overall, it was a fantastic trip for both Sanjeev and me. We had our ups and downs but the amazing hospitality at Taj covered up for everything. I would definitely go back there again.  🙂

blue metallic purse

indian fashion mint






zara white heels

coorg sunrise
Flight of freedom
coorg sunrise
early morning sunrise


the leisure area! I can sit and read here for hours.


brekky area
a masterpiece by Anubha
pottery class
pottery vivanta by taj
the clay taking shape
geee!! so happy with my tiny creation : P
I see you! : )
That’s a serious stuff : P
the mighty clouds!
vivanta by taj madhekeri travel
misty mountains after the rain
clear sky after the shower
coming back to life!
the gorgeous eco friendly lobby

Shoes : Zara
Dress, bag : Forever 21 (Dubai)
Coat : vintage

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