Welcome Winter!

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Hiya Everyone, :))

I think I am in a beast mode today; did 4 posts on IMBB, tons of bank work, and now writing a post here. Anyhoo. 🙂 I have almost recovered from my stoopid cough and cold. So it’s all good. 🙂

Yesterday, after many days, I went out with Mr Husband. We went to watch ‘Life of Pi’. I would call it a pretty good movie. It reminded me of ‘127 Hours’ in many ways. Watch it in 3D if you can. It is not a very impressive movie but the 3D effect gave that little extra. I would say it was a very good direction. Definitely worth watching in hall atleast once. I am looking forward to watch Talaash next.

I purchased a lot of makeup for review. Also ended up bumping into an IMBB reader at MAC store yesterday. 🙂

I am not a huge winter person. I don’t enjoy wearing a ton of clothes and I ALWAYS end up gaining weight in winters. So you know…. But what I love about the chilly weather is sipping hot coffee and going for long walks with Mr Husband. Enjoying both these days. 😀

Btw anyone else also is obsessed with cow bells? I am stuck with them since DDLJ days.

Have a great week ahead everyone. 🙂 How is life coming along? 🙂

Some pics from the week. 🙂

life rati

miss Anirudh ( my cutest neighbour, who has gone back to Bombay)/celebrated IMBB’s 3rd Birthday with a very fancy cake/ went out for drinks with friends. They said wine would do good to my throat. Well!! 😛 / clicked this little girl on traffic light and showed the pic to her. Her smile made my day.


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