Happy Karvachauth all of You. :)


Hi Everyone, 🙂

Here is my Karvachauth outfit. I haven’t worn a yellow Indian wear in a long time so thought I’d pick one this time. Absolutely loveed this one by Mishru. It’s heavy but not crazy heavy to wear on a day when you literally have zero energy. 😀 I paired it with these handcrafted earrings and pink potli. I hope you all got dressed up today to celebrate the big day. I am kind of missing all the festivities around. But oh well! i have you all to share it with. 🙂 It’s around 7ish here so still 2 hours to open my fast. I hope you had an abbbsolute fabbulous one. Stay blessed and happy always. Loooooads of love! :-*

PS: So I walked the streets of Paris looking for the moon. Got a ton of stares. Sanjeev was getting a bit conscious but I think I was rather enjoying myself. I told him my lehega totally deserves the streets of Paris. 😛 I loved it! hihi

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Outfit Details :
Lehenga : Mishru
Earrings : Aparajita Toor
Makeup Details on IMBB HERE

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34 Responses to Happy Karvachauth all of You. :)

  1. Tanya says:

    Wow! Cabt take my eyes off u Rati! Extremely ravishing and elegant.

    Wish u both a long and succesful life together!

  2. Sakshi Malik says:

    The outfit is absolutely gorgeous, love the color!
    And you look stunning as ever. ?

  3. Neha Nupoor says:

    Man I like your abs. ? I love color yellow, somehow it just makes me happy. And it suits you so well. Also, please tell me if someone said anything in Paris while you guys were shooting it. I got so much attention there because I was from India, I can only imagine what you would have gotten wearing this stunning piece. ?

    • Rati says:

      They are slowly disappearing with all the french pastries going in …loll!! I had fun getting all the attention. 😛 It was such a proud moment to wear our Indian wear on foreign land…that too on the streets. hahha!

  4. Jomol says:

    Happy fasting ms singh ??u look like a million dollars. Yellow looks so beautiful on u? Sanjvji, happy karvachauth ?

  5. Jomol says:

    Ur gorgeous figure is goals ms singh ?

  6. Amrutaa says:

    Loved it….. U look divine… I love yellow… I too have aparajita toor earrings.. N absolutely love them..

  7. Madhur says:

    Rati you look stunning and elegant. Lehenga is so sunny and beautiful, different than the usual red outfits worn during karvachauth. You always style everything superbly well. And I really like how you guys always post a couple picture together at the end of each post – so romantic. 🙂

  8. sumera says:

    drooling over tour fitness ? ? the couple pic makes me say may Allah bless you two and can totally understand the energy level issue as we fast fr 30 days ?. The paris epic walk in lehnga must be worth it ?

  9. sumera says:

    and you look beautiful no matter you wear ethnic or western ☺

    • Rati says:

      thanks sumera. 🙂 yes it was totally worth it. loll! i cant imagine how you guys fast for the whole month. I go nuts without eating food. it’s just a few days i fast and that I find is quite enough for me. 🙂

  10. Pia says:

    Happy karwa chauth to my fav girl :* hope u had a great time.. love it outfit.. so radiant and elegant at the same time.. have fun in Paris..n keep posting.. muahhhh

  11. shikha sharma says:

    Yes, I loved the last pic the most. You are surely couple goals and complement each other so well. Yellow is one color I never see myself wearing but you have nailed the look (obviously). You look so radiant and beautiful for someone who’s been fasting…since I know it is not Dove, it is definitely your love. 😉 Lots of love. Also, I get soooo excited each time you upload on Faux Pas. Looking forward to your next post. :-*

    • Rati says:

      oh really? I love yellow color. My mother yesterday told me that the first lehenga of my life was also yellow color so it’s kind f special color for me i guess. 🙂 awww!! thank you :-*

  12. Sindhu says:

    Oh my gosh! You look drop dead gorgeous in this yellow outfit. I can imagine how much attention you’ll attract in Paris when you wear Indian outfits, especially heavy lehenga?you’ll be the talk of the town! Won’t be surprised if you’ll be trending in their newspapers this week!!

  13. Akanksha says:

    Wowww.. waking up to this beautiful sight.. yellow is my favt. U look gorgeous head to toe.. I especially love the pattern of the choli and this tika (Bor).

  14. Dipika Desai says:

    Like really you got only stares from people & no questions like which Yashraj film’s shooting is going on and all. Anyway yellow suits you a lot. I got same kind of stares when I visited Bahrain mall after my brother’s engagement in heavy lahengha & all ethnic makeup on. hehehe its funny.

  15. coralcrue says:

    You look like a vision in yellow, worth all the stares. Who could have taken their eyes off you and it’s such a beautiful shade of yellow too 🙂

  16. Neetu Tewari says:

    Aww I just came here to get full glare of your beauty and lehenga :hugs It wud have been the lifetime chance for ppl of paris to witness this elegant wear with equally hot gorgeous Indian beauty.. <3 And definitely concerning for Sanjeev sir like any husband hehe 😛 And like I said in IMBB post this last pic of you two is simply loveable and beyond descritpion.. wish you best life ahead!! 🙂

    • Rati says:

      I don’t know about the people neetu but I had a fabulous time. 😀 Thanks a lot. Hope you had a great karvachauth too. 🙂

      • Neetu Tewari says:

        yeah our karwachauth went well though husband lost his wallet aday before and he was running here & there everywhere actualy to lodge fir redeem new cards and identity license 😛 It was really crazy this time. I got speeding ticket a whole back so doing community services to pay for my mistake lol 😀 had ordered pair of bangles and matching jewellery for karwachauth saree shipping to US from India but DTDC screwed it too, not to blame them its our stars game this time 😛 lol but this didnt stop us from posing and clikcing pics for karwachauth though my husband didnt dress up and did needful but I mix matched plans and completed this day with smile at end 😀

        • Rati says:

          oh! too much happened! but all’s well that ends well right! 🙂 happy that you still dint let things bog you down! 🙂

  17. Neelima Mishra says:

    Hello Rati 🙂 I have been a silent observer of your Faux pas posts till now.(Guilty :P) And yellow is my favorite color as well. This outfit adores you and you have done full justice to it. I love the way you tie up your hairs. And just wanted to tell you that I have picked up tits and bits from your makeup tips and fashion blogs over the years. You are inspiring and both of you look cute together. God bless 😀

  18. Pooja Chandak says:

    Rati di, can I have a close look of your nose pin having a stone? I really loved it and wanna make the same. Please mail me if you can! Thank you in advance.

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