Paris : Notre Dame Church, Pont des Arts


Hi Everyone, 🙂

We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day on our last day in Paris. We experienced the most random weather during our stay but the last day was such a beautiful summer day that I decided to dress up in my most colourful summer clothes and enjoy the view of the city. We had to check out the same day so after packing and setting our luggage aside we went to see the beautiful Notre Dame Church and the Love Locks Bridge (Pont des Arts).

Food was one of the most amazing things in Paris. We explored a new cafe every single day and it felt as if they have really mastered the culinary world. And also coming from a long trip from Italy where we got tired of eating cheese and tomato sauces, this was such a welcoming change. Well, I’d give the coffee credit to Italians but rest of the things, I’d say Parisians do it better. Being vegetarian the choices were always limited but whatever we ordered was done to the T. We even had an Indian Meal (Mr. Husband was craving for it) and that was also sooo good.

In Paris, we stayed at the Ares Eiffel Hotel. Expect the location (8 minutes walking from Eiffel Tower) there was nothing noteworthy about this hotel. This was the only hotel during our trip that turned out to be disappointing. The breakfast lacked major creativity, the rooms were small and it was expensive for I don’t-know-what. The high points 😛 – the bathroom was made by Versace and the toiletries were by Hermes. loll!!

This is my last travel and outfit post from Paris. Will ask Sanjeev to write a post on ‘How to Plan a Europe Trip’. He planned everything and it was an incredibly well planned trip. :))

Hope you enjoy the pics. 🙂 







Notredam Paris
Notredam Paris
The beautiful windows inside the church!
The beautiful windows inside the church!
The grandeur!
The grandeur!
Light the candle!
Light the candle!
The stunning architecture
The stunning architecture
Love locks bridge (Pont des Arts footbridge)
Love locks bridge (Pont des Arts footbridge)
Locked Forever! :)
Locked Forever! 🙂
Selfie time! : )
Selfie time! : )
How cute is this car!!
How cute is this car!!
Laduree Macarons, Toast and egg, coffee with a view, coffee on a random evening
Laduree Macarons (they have stores at the airport and galerie lafayette) , Sandwich and egg, coffee with a view, coffee on a random evening
pressed vegetables, breakfast, pasta with veggies, french onion soup
pressed vegetables, breakfast, pasta with veggies, french onion soup
IMBB was here!! : )
IMBB was here!! : )

Outfit details :
Top : Fabindia
Skirt : Tarun Tahiliani
Clutch, Silver Ring : Jaypore
Earrings : Amrapali Jewels

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34 Responses to Paris : Notre Dame Church, Pont des Arts

  1. neha says:

    wow beautiful and look at the crowd!

  2. Fatima says:

    Wowiee rati u lookin so so so beautiful..beautiful like our bollywood heroines….no wait..even more beautiful than them..truly loved your outfit..the color’s of your outfit is just so vibrant..m sure all the parisians would have gone crazy for u..lucky sanjeev 😀 you and sanjeev look so adorable together..
    Looking forward for sanjeev’s post on how to plan a europe trip

  3. Bhumika says:

    My comment not showing up :/

  4. Bhumika says:

    I think it got lost 🙁 I loved the pics. U, food, everything :p Pink and orange is my fav color block combo <3 Looking forward to the planning post by Sanjeev 🙂

  5. Manasi says:

    I simply love your style! you look so pretty! Your skirt and clutch stole my heart! kisses

  6. shweta a says:

    NOTREDAM is and always be my beloved church- i just loooooooovvvveee it:)
    Oh paris oh paris …i miss it man!…. And yes i love the way they serve the food-it is tasty but serving skills is awesome. He he, being vegetarians we too missed indian food a lot -like plain jeera rice or daal 🙂
    Loved your outfit and esp those rings and bangles:)

    • shweta a says:

      And yeeah…my husband works in french bank, so all those french people were saying that 2 of those lock bridges has broken down due to its weight…So sad na! :(….

      • Rati says:

        he had the most incredible indian food in a long time. I mean sometimes you dont get that good indian food in india as well. hahha!! I got hungry while eating and we ended up ordering more food. 😛

        I read the news today only. I think it was a day or two back. sad!!

  7. Rashmi says:

    The jewelry is so beautiful. Are still love locks being allowed? I read somewhere a part of the bridge collapsed & the guards arent allowing, instead selfies are being encouraged to be taken.
    Rati di why dont you watermark these pics???…(just asking coz they can be used anywhere)
    It was indeed a visual treat so far.

    • Rati says:

      they were allowed till we were there but guess they would not allow now that the bridges have been damaged. I guess selfies is a good idea. I’d say that i got lucky!

      umm.. we used to watermark the pics but then stopped doing them. will think about it. thank you 🙂

  8. saee says:

    Beautiful as always! That ring you are wearing is actually a traditional Maharashtrian toe ring called Masali, meaning Fish

  9. coralcrue says:

    French onion soup! Slurrrp. Love the pictures. You look fantastic, Rati. Please, a post on your updated fitness regimen and diet. Pretty please 🙂
    Also would really love to read the post by Sanjeev on Europe.

    • Rati says:

      From past 20 days or so i have had no fitness or diet regimen. I was literally living on whatever was available at a particular place. We got to walk a LOT during this trip and guess that’s the reason I did not put on weight. I mean we walked for hours on a per day basis which is quite insane considering how much I don’t walk here in india. So..there you go.

      Thanks. 🙂

  10. rahma says:

    Hey rati…u look beautiful….the pics r awesome…..i’ve landed in stockholm last week… is here for some project so will stay for couple of mnths…..will take ur posts as inspiration to explore whole europe..

  11. Swati says:

    Wow, you look like a dream in these pictures, how amazing !
    and those macaroons are to die for.
    I know you would understand when I say my affair with Paris started when I first visited it and since then is an unending magical experience that stays in the heart forever…Once you visit Paris, it is impossible to not leave behind a piece of one’s heart back in the city.
    Lovely pictures and lovely you!

    • Rati says:

      thank you swati. i agree you leave a piece of heart in paris. I absolutely loved every bit of my time both in italy and paris. 🙂

      we get these good macarons here in delhi. must check out ‘breads n more’ if you ever get a chance. 🙂

      • Swati says:

        Hey Rati, thanks for telling me about breads and more…I should definitely check out the place when I am in Delhi next time 🙂 Delhi is a foodie’s heaven, I crave for street food so so much. BTW your food posts are equally interesting, glamorous and informative like your fashion and travel posts, looking forward to reading more on Delhi’s restaurants 🙂

  12. Swati Singh says:

    just the perfect outfit for the sunny day, loved the color combination and that skirt is so so pretty 🙂

  13. anuja says:

    Hi rati, I m a silent reader of ur blog and like most of ur posts. However when saw ur hand jewellery.. I cudnt stop my self
    From looks amazing and has completly motivated me to start paying attention to my looks again!!

  14. Sukanya says:

    Hiii, new here! I have a question. I plan to visit Paris next week and I am a little confused about the weather now :P. From your post it looks like I can still wear summer dresses!! What about the evenings? Are they on the colder side ? Can I wear dresses in the evening too 🙂 ?

    • Sanjeev says:

      Hi Sukanya,

      Take some warm clothing, it would be colder in the evenings and sometimes during the days also. Take some shawls, cardigans or jackets. 🙂

      • Sukanya says:

        Oh is it!! :(..okay!! Thanks 🙂

        • Sukanya says:

          Heyy, so I am back from Paris, visited Belgium as well! We were lucky, it was bright and sunny on most days! The Pont Des Arts pics are giving me a funny thought, I could have looked for your lock 😉

          • Rati says:

            oh that’s really nice sukanya. hope you had an awesome time. did you try the belgian chocolates? 🙂 hahah!! yeah you could have … 😛 😛

            • Sukanya says:

              Yes, Belgian chocolates are awesome! particularly the homemade ones. But I became the biggest fan of Belgian waffles. They can be really messy though :D. Btw, if you travel to Belgium, check out Bruges, its the dreamiest, happiest place I have been to. Fairytale houses, cobbled streets, chocolate shops and music :). And oh, perfect for a photoshoot 😉

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