24 Ways to Style Sweaters

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Delhi is getting colder by minute and I am totally digging into my cozy knits, snuggly coats and chic boots. Since it’s a sweater season, I thought I’d share some cool styles on how you can totally up the level of your regular knits and look chicer this winters. 🙂

1. Pair your sweaters with a pair of jeans and booties.

how to style sweater

2. Use your sweater as a layering piece underneath your coat.

how to style sweaters

3. Pair a fun coloured sweater with a printed button down. The little peek-a-boo of the printed shirt would make an interesting outfit.

how to style knits

4. Pair your sweater with a cool pair of trousers. Play with colors from the same color family.

how to style cozy knits

5. Pair it with mini skirt and thigh high boots.

how to style cozy knits with skirts

6. Pair a basic knit with a statement sequin skirt.

how to style sweaters with skirts

 7. Crop pants with sweater make for an easy chic look.

sweater fashion 2013

 8. Winter whites. Midi skirt with a cozy knit..easy and adorable.

sweaters  fashion trend 2013


9. Pair an over size knit with a midi pencil skirt and booties.



10. Pull together a look of fun contrasting colors with a sweater in soft neutral colors.


11. Create a back to school look with a plain sweater by pairing with with a cute peter pan collar shirt and a skater skirt.

Paris Fashion Week Streetstyle, outside Louis Vuitton, Alexa Chung


12. Looooved the combination of pairing maxi skirt with a slouchy sweater.



13. Pair your oversize knit with cut out booties and rolled up skinny jeans.



14. Don’t stop wearing your shorts in winters. Style them this way.



15. Cinch you sweater with a belt to add shape to your body.


16- 24 And these are some ways I have styled my knits. 🙂



Have a great day everyone. 🙂 How do you style your sweaters? 🙂

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16 Responses to 24 Ways to Style Sweaters

  1. harshu says:

    Harshu again..wow!! i had this in mind and here you are with most awesome post which i was looking forward to in winters. i just saw that gulmarg post video again ..and you should post that red promod coat too which you wore in gulmarg as you look fab in red. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Surbhi says:

    A much needed post 🙂 thanks alot rati di. Out of all the pics, I liked ur outfits the best 🙂

  3. janhavi says:

    Such a pretty post – miss my winterwear ! Ab yeh mere koi kaam ka nahin 🙁 🙁

  4. janhavi says:

    I am telling you my delhi trips are soo jinxed – twice this year Ive cancelled my tickets to dilli ! :O

  5. pinky says:

    great post with great timing i would say ya!!!!! 🙂 i loveee slouchy sweaters although people complain they are difficult to style 🙁 i would recomend them this post of your’s 🙂 well put up rati 🙂 btw did u read to kill a mocking bird????

  6. pavani reddy says:

    awesome post like always rati….inspired by everything i see here i decidded to splurge on an investment piece kind of watch…can u plz suggest me a gud one frm michael kors???

  7. Esha says:

    Rati loved the post. <3 Can u please do a post about some ways to style a cardigan? U see since Kolkata doesnt get too cold I prefer cardigans since they are easier to remove if u feel warm. Sadly I never understand how to style them. 🙁

  8. Annapoorna says:

    I love this post all your outfits are exceptional but the your first outfit is the best 🙂 that slouchy sweater with an elegant skirt loved it !

  9. Ankita Biswas says:

    Hey Rati di..
    I have always been a quite follower of your blog… Love ur wonderful post and IMBB..
    I require a suggestion that which color sweater would go well with maroon trousers?? What all accessories do you suggst along with it??

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